Due to Covid19 and the current situation we find ourselves in, the traditional Year 6 program of transition activities has had to be dramatically adjusted. As such this years' Year 6 pupils will be involved in a virtual transition project, and you will find on this page a host of resources to support a positive transition into secondary school specific to the CVD19 circumstances we face this year.
Oherwydd Covid19 a'r sefyllfa bresennol rydyn ni'n cael ein hunain ynddi, bu'n rhaid addasu'r rhaglen draddodiadol o weithgareddau pontio Blwyddyn 6 yn ddramatig. Yn hynny o beth, bydd disgyblion Blwyddyn 6 eleni yn cymryd rhan mewn prosiect pontio rhithwir, a gwelwch chi ar y dudalen hon lu o adnoddau i gefnogi trosglwyddiad cadarnhaol i ysgol uwchradd sy'n benodol i'r amgylchiadau CVD19 sy'n ein hwynebu eleni.

Transition To Secondary School

We understand that the move from primary to secondary school can be a daunting time for students. Milford Haven School host numerous events throughout the year before students begin the school in September.

These include taster lessons in a wide range of subjects, activities in our new sports facilities, invitations to dance and drama performances and tours of the school.

Our Friendship Afternoon in March also familiarises new students with the school before they start in September and gives students the opportunity to meet with their future teachers and peer group.

On their arrival at the school, students participate in a transition programme to ensure their induction is a worry-free process. We use this period to really get to know each student and it helps us plan for their success at our school.

My favourite thing about being a pupil at Milford Haven School is that the teachers are all very approachable and are happy to help at any time (especially my form tutor). I also love the broad variety of subjects.

Rebecca LlewellinYear 7 pupil

One of the best ways to get to know Milford Haven School is to visit us, but sadly during this time of Covid-19 restrictions unfortunately our site is closed to all visitors. However, we have been hard at work to film a virtual tour so you can still get a feel for the school site before you transition into Year 7. 

Please take a few minutes to watch the video below, and explore MHS on a guided tour by Ms Mansell.

Whilst we as adults understand what a big change it is to move from Primary to Secondary School, and we do all we can to support you through this transition, we felt like it might be helpful for you to hear about what it is really like to start at MHS from our Year 7 pupils. Below are some open letters to local Year 6 pupils that have been written by some of our wonderful Year 7 students to share their point of view and advice on joining the Milford Haven School family. 

Letter by Ollie Warlow- MHS Year 7 pupil

Letter by Megan Lees-   MHS Year 7 pupil

Letter by Leon Sanderson-Horrocks- MHS Year 8 pupil

Letter by Kian Davies-   MHS Year 7 pupil

Letter by Lucy Lewis-   MHS Sixth Form pupil

Letter by Ollie Holman-   MHS Year 7 pupil

In order to ensure the smooth transition of pupils from one key stage to another a virtual google classroom has recently been set up for over 200 pupils who will be joining Milford Haven School. This allows the new intake of pupils to join the school community online without having to set foot within the building, and has them already engaging in an on line transition project. Taking into consideration the current climate our families are finding themselves in, the project allows for engagement, creativity as well as reflection in regards to what we as individuals can learn from the current pandemic and how this will undoubtedly shape the futures for all of us.

All pupils have already received their welcome letter from the Headteacher which included, in a Harry Potter genre, their allocation to their new Houses. As a member of Daring, Dragon, Diamond and Defender they are already an integral part of the school community and as such school events such as the Eisteddfod competitions have been opened to them for them to participate in and gain vital points for their new Houses. Further down this page we have details on our House System, as well as short videos introducing the Heads of Houses. 

Headteacher Ms Morris explains in her video about the launch of the virtual transition project on June 1st 2020, ‘Our transition this year is slightly different and there will be a range of activities created in collaboration with our cluster of schools.  We are a family and our family warmly extends and opens its doors to each of you.’ Concluding with ‘Believe in yourself and make a difference to our community. Imagine yourself stood here in several years’ time, make your Milford Haven School journey interesting, try everything, find your talent and let it flourish. But most importantly never give up.’

We understand that the transition from Primary to Secondary education is a big change, and that the journey about to be embarked on by Year 6 pupils can be daunting. We work extremely hard to support pupils in navigating the transition into Milford Haven School, and in the coming weeks there will be various activities and virtual meetings which have been arranged to help prepare pupils and their families to join the MHS family.

MHS is proud to introduce the House System within the school. The system is designed to embody our school values and ethos and aims to be an integral part of our school life.

The House System aims to provide each and every learner with the following:

  • A sense of belonging within the school community
  • Opportunities to develop intellectual, social, physical and physical skills
  • Fun and excitement through competitions
  • A sense of achievement both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Opportunities for leadership

Each House is in competition with one another in order to gain the most number of points for their House.
Pupils can contribute to their house points with activities both inside and outside of the classroom through representing the school in sports, music, drama etc as well as contributing to the life of the school community.

Click on the House badges below to see a short clip introducing each Head of House!

Milford Haven School recently hosted several engaging and inspiring Darwin Science Aglow events for some of the year 6 children in the cluster to support their transition into secondary school. Children from Coastlands, Neyland, Milford Haven Primary, Gelliswick and Pembroke Dock Community school investigated many different scientific concepts.  Over the past three years, Darwin Science have worked with all year 6 pupils through a range of different projects, including a field visit to Lydstep beach where pupils explored the habitats of rock pools and investigated the effects of ocean acidification.  The Science Aglow day in particular was an excellent opportunity to bring children together from all the schools to share their experiences and celebrate a love of Science. This Science event is a collaboration between Darwin Science, comprising Sam Williams and Dave Clee, the cluster of schools and Dragon LNG.  

Ms Morris said, “This collaboration between the private sector, the voluntary sector, Darwin science, and our schools is one that I am extremely proud to be a part of and I look forward to an extremely exciting future working together to support our young people to fulfil their potential.”