Welcome to House Diamond!

Diamond house is lead by, Miss L Griffiths and Mrs A Griffiths. They are both part of the teaching team at the school and want to provide many opportunities for Diamond members to excel and be part of the wider school community. We hold assemblies every other Friday, which are led by heads of house, and members of the house council.

Diamond House believe in a positive competitive environment, and enjoy competing against the other houses. We closely monitor the points awarded to Diamond members and encourage all our pupils to be caring and hardworking to show everyone that diamond is truly the best house.


Diamond house have had representation in every competition we have held within the school, this is something we would like to push and encourage our newest members to really engage as it will be an honour to represent Diamond house and become a positive role model to those around the school.

Following the aims of the school we adopt our own house aims of being committed, enthusiastic and engaging pupils. Thus meaning we want you to put your best step forward, reach for those stars and achieve the greatness you deserve. 

House Captains

House Captain 1

House Captain 2

House Staff

Miss L Griffiths
Head of Diamond House

Mrs A Griffiths
Head of Diamond House

Our Reps are:

Year 8 – Jasmine Johnston, Sean Owens, Finely Frost

year 9 –  Ieuan Jones 

Year 10 – Caitlyn Arran, 

Year 11 – Beth Lewis, Jake James Evan Price

In Diamond house we want to celebrate everyone success whether it be academic, sporting or creative. If you have ideas of ways in which we can push your talents to the next level please inform your house reps. This way you can make your school life the best it can possibly be. We have a fantastic team of 6th former’s who are keen to get you all involved in events and push Diamond house to the next level, Our fabulous house captains are Chloe Edmonds and Dyfed Bateman who are also supported by our current head boy Will Anderson.