Wellbeing Fridays

We fully recognise the importance of looking after our emotional health and well-being. That is why, our pupils are being offered the opportunity to leave early on a Friday afternoon to pursue their own hobbies and interests, or to stay and participate in one of the activities we have on offer at school. Most activities start at 1:55pm and finish at 3.00pm.

At the end of the school day (1:15) pupils will have their break in the school canteen and staff will meet them in the canteen where a register will be taken to safeguard the pupils.

Please see below the current timetable. 






Fun Five a Side Football

An opportunity to practise your skills, have fun and get fit!

7 – 10


Sports Hall/Astro

Week 1 

Mr Charlesworth 
Mrs Lewis

Week 2 

Mrs O’Leary 
Miss Youell


Games and activities like Monopoly , Cludeo and Uno

7 – 10



Week 1 

Mrs Walter Jones
Mrs Sanders Swales

Week 2 

Mrs Taylor 
Miss Davies

Art Workshop

Join us in the world of paints, pastels and pencils

7 – 10



Week 1 
Mrs Thomas
Mrs Conway

Week 2
Mrs Littlehales
Mrs Morrel
Ms Spriggs

Young Carers

An opportunity for Young Carers to come together

7 – 10



Mrs Sanderson
Mrs Griffiths

Register here:


As you can see from our activity list, numbers are limited and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Once signed up, parents will receive a confirmation email or a message to say the application has been successful. Assume that you have a place unless you are contacted by the school. If an activity does not appear on the form, this means that all places have been taken for this half term. Each half term the registers will refresh and parents can sign up for something else. If pupils would like to continue with the same activity, they may. However, if the activity is oversubscribed, parents and pupils may be asked to choose something else.

What commitment am I making by signing up?

Signing up means that pupils are committed to attend the chosen activity for the full half term. For example, if they have chosen an Art activity, they must attend Art each Friday during that half term. Pupils are not permitted to swap activities without seeking permission from Mr Berry/Miss Reynolds.  Pupils that select activities taking place on week 2 only have the opportunity  to select another activity during week 1 if they wish. 

We have a duty of care to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for at school.  As a result, a weekly register will be taken by the providers. If pupils cannot attend a session, the usual attendance procedures apply.   This way, we will know where pupils are and that they are safe if they have not attended the planned activity. Parents will need to make their own arrangements for pupils to be collected at 3:00 p.m.