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Milford Haven Comprehensive School

On behalf of all the staff, pupils and governors of Milford Haven School I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you. At Milford Haven School we pride ourselves in our inclusive ethos which provides support and dedicated pastoral care to ensure all pupils are able to develop their talents, character and skills to achieve their potential as they progress on their educational journey.

Summer Term 2024

15th – 19th July

Week 1

An Introduction To Milford Haven School

Our Headteacher, Ms C A.Morris, would like to introduce you to Milford Haven School, our aims and our ethos.

About Milford Haven School

We are steadfast in our aim to work in close partnership with parents/carers and the community to ensure all our pupils are happy, confident and enquiring individuals who will follow informed career paths of their choice in the future.

Our vision is to empower and inspire all students for a successful future.  United in our commitment to dynamic educational experiences for ambitious, creative and confident learners.  Realised through excellent teaching and encouraging a love of learning, collaboration and compassion for others in a caring environment.

Our mission is to achieve excellence together, working collaboratively to enable every student to achieve their full potential through a culture of high expectation, innovation and celebration of success, where every student counts and every moment matters.

Education Services

Milford Haven School was established in 1960 as a secondary school for the town of Milford Haven.

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Family Forum

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Headteacher's Newsletter

Our Headteacher, Ms CA Morris, prepares a regular newsletter. Check them out here.

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My Homework

In the event that the school is closed, click here to find homework to be completed for all year-groups.

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School Aims & Ethos




At MHS, we want our pupils to be ambitious, capable learners, who have the drive and determination to achieve success in every aspect of school life and beyond. We want our pupils to set high standards, seek new challenges and apply a wide range of skills effectively in a variety of familiar and unfamiliar situations.

Self Belief

At MHS, we want our pupils to believe in their abilities, celebrating their strengths and focusing on their areas to improve. We want our pupils to be healthy,  confident and resilient individuals, secure in their mental and emotional wellbeing and be able to form positive relationships based on trust and respect. If you believe it, you can achieve it!


At MHS, we want our pupils to never give up and develop their resilience, so that they can succeed in school and life. We want our pupils to be determined, enterprising and creative when faced with challenges; enabling them to solve problems, take measured risks and give their energy and skills to benefit themselves and others.


At MHS, we want our pupils to be equipped with the skills, knowledge and experiences to manage everyday life as  independently as they can. We want our pupils to be self-reliant, ethically informed citizens, who can find and use evidence to support their views, understand and exercise their human and democratic rights, as well as communicate clearly in a variety of ways.


At MHS, we want our pupils to have the skills, experiences and confidence to be able to take responsibility in a variety of situations. We want our pupils to be informed, empathetic citizens who understand the impact of their actions when making choices, take measured decisions about their lifestyle, keeping themselves and others safe and well; as well as respect the needs and rights of others. 


At MHS, we want our pupils to always strive to succeed in everything they do. We want our pupils to challenge themselves, be inquisitive and participate fully in every activity they do.  Every new success that we reach through our efforts boosts our confidence in ourselves and our abilities. Effort keeps us focused on success and teaches us that we can do more than we thought, supporting us to learn new skills and develop our abilities.

Our School Anchors


I strive to arrive to lessons promptly, equipped and ready for all learning experiences.


I engage respectfully in all learning experiences and environments, demonstrating respect for my own progress and the progress of my peers.


I am safe within my teaching environment, valuing my own wellbeing as well as that of others.

ClassCharts Parent App

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Use the ClassCharts parents app to keep track of your child’s positive achievements in school, communicate with their teacher and read their reports. 


We offer a positive environment for all of our students to enhance their learning and ensure they enjoy their time in school.

Senior Prefect Team

Milford Haven School is very proud of its Prefect Team and its achievements. The Prefect Team enhances and enriches the school and wider community.


Milford Haven School gives all pupils the opportunity to participate in lots of activities.
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