Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Within the new curriculum introduced in 2022, Health and Wellbeing is recognised as an integral link to all areas of learning and underpins the four key purposes in ensuring successful futures for all our pupils.

Health and Wellbeing is a fundamental part of our school community. Educating and encouraging pupils to develop safe and positive relationships with staff and their peers, will equip learners to be able to lead healthy and fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

As part of this area of learning, pupils study a PSE programme through timetabled lessons and dedicated health days where they have the opportunity to learn about the impact of drug and alcohol abuse, money management, first aid, a healthy balanced diet, digital safety, as well as receive talks from local Fire Service personnel and our Police Liaison Officer.

Lessons provide learners opportunities to develop the skills to be able to manage their own health and fitness, and to understand the reasons why they need to be able to do this. Learners can participate across a range of activities to allow them to further develop their physical and social skills, as well as their psychological resilience and appreciation of the wider world around them, all of which are aimed at developing a lifelong participation in physical activity.

Within Health and Wellbeing lessons, pupils have the opportunity to engage in empathy reading covering a range of topics such as refugees and bullying. A number of staff have been trained by Empathy Lab to allow us to create resources and celebrate Empathy Day each year with specific tasks and assemblies. 

At MHS, staff are trauma-informed and this enables us to engage with our learners and create and connect through positive relationships to ensure that the pupils feel like they belong. 

HWB and RSE Curriculum Roadmaps

A rights and equity based RSE curriculum helps ensure that all learners can develop an understanding of how people’s faith, beliefs, human rights and cultures are related to all aspects of RSE and how these rights can contribute to the freedom, dignity, well-being and safety of all people. Therefore, within Milford Haven School we will discuss RSE in the context of the Rights protected by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.