What is F.A.C.E?

F.A.C.E. – Family and Community Engagement

We at Milford Haven School recognise and value the impact of home and school working collaboratively. We aim to work as partners in a child’s learning journey and will use FACE to increase engagement with our school community.

The most effective ways for families to support their child’s learning will change as the child gets older, and we want to equip parents and carers to nurture development at all stages of their child’s education.

The FACE initiative at Milford Haven School will be a rolling 6 week programme, aimed at engaging and up-skilling parents/carers with a Numeracy and Literacy toolkit. We have invited parents from across Milford Haven to take part in a range of family learning activities, these sessions have been developed with an understanding of what parents/carers want and need from the school, in order for partnership working to take place.