Pupil Support

Pupil Support

During your time at Milford Haven School you may need to access extra support. We have a team of friendly staff who are on hand to support you depending on your needs. If you are unsure where you need to go for support we have listed some of the people you might need to speak to below. 


During your time in Milford Haven School you will belong to one of the four Houses. Daring, Defender, Dimond and Dragon. Each house has a Head of House who will be available to support you through school.  





Specialist Support

Members of staff are here to help you if you need some extra support. For general help and advice you should speak with your House Tutor or Head of House. However, you may need some specialist support from a specifically trained member of staff. Below are some of the people who are here to help you depending on what you need. 


Miss M Squelch
Safeguarding Lead

Family Engagement

Miss K Bowers
Family Engagement Officer

Young carers

Mrs A Griffiths
Young Carer Coordinator

Youth Worker

Miss A Davies
School Based Youth Worker

First Aid

Mrs L W Jones
First Aid and Medical Coordinator


School Nurse

Mrs M Brown
School Nurse

school counsellors

At MHS there are onsite school counsellors who are available to support you. If you feel like you would benefit from speaking to a school counsellor please use the pupil referral form by clicking on the button to the right.

Peer on Peer Support

Sometimes you might find it easier to speak with one of your fellow pupils. That is why we have plenty of options for you to seek out peer on peer support. Any of these groups are available to support you. 

Senior Prefect Team

Senior Prefect Team 
Our team are on hand to help you anytime you need. If you get lost, have any questions about life at MHS they can help you. They are a friendly bunch who are always available for a quick chat. You can see them walking around school in a white shirt and blue tie. Click the link below to meet the team.
Senior Prefect Team


Anti-Bullying Champions
The Anti-Bullying Champions (or ABCS) are a group of your fellow pupils who are available to help with bullying support. If you need to talk to someone and would rather talk to a pupil before a member of staff then please seek out one of the friendly team. You can see them walking around school wearing navy jackets with a yellow ABC on the back.


The MHS Safeguardians are a group of your fellow pupils who are available to offer support if you need it. You can often find them in the Wellbeing Area of the Library during break and lunch. If you feel like you need to talk to someone they are very friendly and always willing to help. You can find them around school wearing navy jackets with a yellow Safeguardian on the back. 

report bullying or a worry

Please use the buttons below to report bullying or register a worry using the digital worry box.