Welcome to House Defender!

Defender House – striving to make fun the key, the more you put in to school the more you get out, taking part with your friends enjoying all the school has to offer.

Defender house has had a great start to the year, we have scored top in both attendance and Class Charts for the majority of the year to date. 

We take this opportunity to point out we have dropped from that top spot and need all of the defender house to make a huge effort to make sure we are role models to the new members from dauntless, give them a huge welcome!!! Now lets see defender back on top!!

Our Defender House Captains Luke Walters and Sophie Wheeler, accompanied by our Head Girl Kate Barnard, are leading you by example with active involvement in extra-curricular activities, from helping at the Year 9 and 11 Options evening to supporting the bingo nights and community events here in school. There are many opportunities to positively contribute to school life, whilst also earning house points, and we hope to see you all positively taking part in school life and utilising your strengths. 

Please use your year reps to make your voice heard in school. If you have any suggestions or ideas that could improve the school then make sure you voice this to your reps so they can pass your comments on to the people that can make changes. The more you put in to school the more you get out, and we encourage everyone in Defender House to make the most of your time here at MHS and grab all opportunities offered to you with both hands. 

House Captains

House Captain 
Luke Walters

House Captain
Sophie Wheeler

House Staff

Head of Defender House
Mr D Elliott

Head of Defender House
Mrs J Latham

The Heads of House, Mr D Elliott and Mrs J Latham, are proud of everything that Defender has achieved so far this year, but urge everyone to keep up the hard work to ensure this positive momentum doesn’t slow.


Yr8 – Harvey Griffiths, Oliver Ryder
Yr9 – Jayden Abbott, Stevie Joseph, Teifion Owen,
Yr10 – Chanice Matthews , Elin Gent, Lily Meddings
Yr11 – Izzy-May Solomon , Sam Marshallsay, Tyler Rogers
Yrs 12/13 – Luke Walters and Sophie Wheeler
accompanied by our Head Girl Kate Barnard.