Google Classroom

Our Digital Learning will be provided via the Google Classroom platform. All pupils have access to Google Classroom as part of their School Google account. Google Classroom can be accessed via any device with an internet connection.

Below are a series of brief guides that will provide you with knowledge and guidance to help when using Google Classroom.

How to login

Visit and log in with your Milford Haven School email address and password.

Accessing my class

Your teachers will post work to Google Classroom and you will get an email/notification to inform you. You can access this work by loading the individual Google Classroom for your subject and viewing the Class Stream (Homepage)

Viewing your work

Google Classroom allows you to see all your outstanding work. This is called your To do list.

Your To do list covers ALL classes and you can link directly to the work that has been set. You can all see what work has been Done.

Submitting work

Your teachers will tell you where to complete your work. Some work will be completed in class books and other work uploaded to classroom.

To upload digital work you click the Hand in or Mark as done button for that piece of work.

Contacting your teacher

Google Classroom allows you to communication directly with your teacher. You can do this via a Private Comment. Each piece of work includes the option to discuss that task/work with the teacher.

Private comments will not be seen by any pupil in the class, only the teachers.

We highly recommend you download the Google Classroom app for your Smart Phone/Tablet and turn on Notifications. Use these to access either the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore.