Meet The Team

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT)


Ms C A Morris

Deputy Headteacher

Business Manager

Mr D John

Mrs J Hicks

Assistant Head Teachers

Mr J Letten
Data & Skills

Ms E Kedward

Mrs M Griffiths

Miss J Reynolds
Support For Learning

Curriculum Leaders

Ms J Jones
Maths & Numeracy

Ms C Zoogah

Mr J Lonergan
Expressive Arts

Leaders of Learning

Ms D Brown

Mr I Gow

Ms F Edwards

Mr K Knox

Mr S Peters
IT / Timetabling

Miss N Sizer
Design Technology

Ms E Davies
Welsh Baccalaureate

Deputy Head of Departments

Ms R Hill

Mr S McCarthy

Ms H Wise

Ms V John

Ms C Peters

Heads of Year

Ms R Mansell
Year 7

Mr G Williams
Year 8

Ms C Wilcox
Year 9

Ms A Pickles
Year 10

Mr S Thomas
Year 11

Ms K Dootson
Sixth Form

Head of The Bay

Ms E Thyer
The Bay

Future Leaders

Mr M Owen
Digital Competency

Ms J Turner

Ms L Lloyd

Staff Members

Ms K George
Art & Food Technology Technician

Mr N Mackay
Design Technology Technician

Mr S Martin
Rugby Hub Officer

Ms S Stevenson
Senior Teaching Assistant

Ms W Stewart
Pastoral & Communications Officer

Ms A John
Repographics Secretary

Mr A Riley
Learning Mentor

Mr C Butland
AYP Secondary Officer

Ms D Corney
ALN Curriculum Support Manager

Ms G Baker
School Community Engagement Officer

Ms H James
Wellbeing Support Officer

Mr J Brown
Site Manager

Mr J Matthews

Ms S Gould
HR Administrator

Ms K Martin

Mr K Baker

Ms C Raymond

Mr C Green

Ms C Eynon

Mr W Searle

Mr R Davis

Mr D Stewart

Mr A Dickinson

Mr M Owen

Mr M Edwards

Mr C Davies

Support Staff

Ms K Dimond

Ms G Littlehales

Ms B Hammond

Ms V Planner

Ms V Gibbons

Ms S Thomas

Ms S Conway

Ms R Williams

Ms M Tully

Ms L Virgo

Ms J Edwards

Ms D Griffiths

Ms A Sanderson

Ms M Barney