enriching the school curriculum outside of lessons


offering creative and exciting opportunities to extend learning and in new areas


learners with improving understanding practising and performing to build confidence and self esteem 


love of Learning 


our after school homework support club


Music plays a strong role in this school. The music department runs a Choir, Windband and a Jazz Band. In addition there are many opportunities for pupils to work in smaller ensembles. Pupils from the department play regularly in school-based performances as well as out in the community. The department regularly takes part in a variety of music competitions including ‘Music for Youth’ and the Pembrokeshire Instrumental Music Festival and regularly organises trips to concerts, musicals, etc.

Sport & Gymnastics

Sports include Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country Running, Dance, Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Rugby, Football, Swimming and Tennis. For all the major sports teams represent the school at appropriate age levels. Extra curricular activities/trips such as watersports or skiing will be liable for payment depending on the activity or destination. The school also has a 5×60 Sports Officer to encourage an even wider range of extra curricular activity. Current 5×60 activities include street dancing, boys hockey, cheerleading and girls football. Also the 5×60 club will be organising a surf school to run at Whitesands Beach during the summer holiday.


The Milford Haven School Drama Club is an interactive, hands on club for any pupils interested in performing, singing, dancing and acting. The Drama Club meet every Wednesday after school to rehearse for the annual spring production that places during the spring term for four performances over three days. Any pupils who are interested in joining the Drama Club can come along to audition for a part. All pupils are welcome regardless of age and ability. 

Educational Trips

Many departments run trips to enhance their curriculum, with visits to the theatre, concerts, museums and art galleries. In addition there are fieldwork trips for History, Geography and Biology; the Welsh Department takes pupils to Llangrannog and Languages to France. The Sixth Form attend Higher Education Conferences, and ski trips continue to be very popular.

Heads of Year often run trips for their year group. Participation in school trips is entirely at the discretion of the school. They are regarded as a reward for good work, behaviour and effort throughout the year. Only pupils who co-operate in this respect will be allowed to go on them.

Whenever a trip takes place you will be fully informed of the details and nature of the visit. We would ask parents to meet their children promptly from trips returning after school hours, and to impress on their children that the highest standards of behaviour are required. We reserve the right to ban pupils from taking part in trips who have misbehaved on a similar occasion.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme continues to flourish in the school. Pupils in Year 10 are given the opportunity of working towards their Bronze Award, whilst Year 11 and the Sixth Form aim for their Silver and Gold Awards.

Community Focused Schools (CSF) Activities

The school runs numerous enrichment activities and clubs under the CFS provision. Clubs and activities are open to all age groups and are usually run during lunch times or, in a few cases, after school. Some of the clubs currently available are:

  • Eco Club
  • Robot Club
  • Young Engineers Club
  • Who Do You Think You Are (History) Club
  • Life Skills Club
  • Science Club
  • Design It Yourself Club
  • Keyboard Club
  • Excel (after school – see below)

If you are interested in joining any (or all!) of these clubs see the relevant Head of Department. Also, be on the lookout in corridors for posters advertising these or other clubs or activities.


Every pupil has the opportunity to go to Excel where they can have help with their homework/coursework assignments; the opportunity to work in a quiet, supervised environment; the choice to improve ICT skills, read for pleasure, learn how to play Chess etc. These sessions are proving very popular with all age groups. Transport home is provided where possible. The sessions run Mon-Wed 3.20pm – 4.20pm.