School Closed

Information on school closure:

During these unprecedented times a great many parents and carers of school children are asking for advice on how to support their children with their studies. Below is a general resources link which contains resources that are all recommended by home educating families who have vast experience in supporting learning in the home environment. 


Resources can be located at the following link, or viewed on the attached pdf.  

Below is a list of resources that we have been sent to support home study for those pupils that have additional learning needs. We hope that you find it useful. 

In the event that Milford Haven School is closed for any reason, below we have work that has been set from the teachers for each year group.  Pupils are also advised to check their Google Classrooms regularly for new work/instructions.

Advice For Parents


Below is a quick video explaining the recent changes we have made to supporting your learning at home. Many of you have requested a more simple and focused plan of study for this period of learning from home, and so we have streamlined the structure and aimed to make the workload more manageable for everyone. 

Here is aquick video explaining the recent changes we have made to supporting your learning at home. Diolch

Gepostet von Milford Haven School am Freitag, 1. Mai 2020

In the event that the school closes, you are able to keep up to date on when the school will re-open by regularly checking our Facebook Page,  also checking the Pembrokeshire County Council website for more information and listen to the local radio for news and updates about the School (Radio Pembrokeshire).

If you are a parent or carer and slightly confused about Google Classroom… don’t worry we have you covered!

A huge thanks to Mr Owen for putting together this great resources for MHS pupils and their families. Diolch yn fawr.


Readaxation is a term created by Nicola Morgan author of over 100 books including the bestseller Blame my Brain. Nicola’s working definition of readaxation is the act of reading for pleasure as a deliberate strategy for reducing stress levels. It acknowledges that relaxation is not a luxury but an essential part of physical and mental wellbeing and health. 

During this period of isolation and increased stress our need for activities which provide us with relaxation are greater than ever. Here is a link to a list of some of the FREE and EASY resources for parents/carers to access.

Closure Work

These links will become active if the school is closed.

Please Click on Your/Your Child's School Year For The Relevant Homework

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