Headteacher’s blog 21.06.2024

Shwmae, and welcome back to this week’s blog. This week’s blog is dedicated to our new Year 7 pupils who will be starting school with us in September 2024. It was so nice to welcome you all to our annual Open Evening last night and we are excited to see you for Transition Day on Friday 28th September. Transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting time but some parents/carers or pupils may be feeling  nervous about the change. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible and help you feel prepared we have created an A-Z Transition Guide. Please find this below. If you have any further questions or queries you can click the link at the bottom of the page that will take you to our brand new Transition webpage. 

Good attendance is the key to success – we expect all pupils to have an attendance of at least 95%. Please encourage your child to attend school every day  and let us know if there is a problem. If your child is absent please ring and leave a message on the attendance line before 9:00 explaining why. 

There are two breaks per day where pupils can access a variety of clubs to join to make new friends. They will be told all about these in the first few weeks of school but if you want to see what is on offer now then please visit our Enrichment and Wellbeing Friday sections of our website by clicking the following links: Enrichment   / Wellbeing Friday

Take a little time to check uniform, bag and equipment on a regular basis. Pupils will feel at ease knowing they have all of the right equipment for school. 

Pupils can either have school dinners or a packed lunch. We are a cashless canteen where pupils are able to pay for their meals using a bio metric system. If your child is free school meals they will be able to use their daily allocation in the same way. 

Key pieces of equipment like pens, pencils and rulers are needed from the start. Teachers may then ask pupils to buy specialist items as they become more familiar with school and progress through the curriculum. 

The form tutors are the most important person your child will meet in the first few days. They will form a good relationship with the class and guide them through the early weeks and months. 

At the end of their first term, all pupils get an interim report of how they are doing. It includes information regarding their progress as well as information on the assessments they have completed. There will be a information evening arranged to give you an opportunity to talk to all subject teachers regarding progress.

Children worry about how much and when! Generally, they will have homework most nights, but possibly not in the first few weeks. Many subjects set levelling projects which are set half termly which requires some research. Encourage your child to read and practice their times tables.

Year 7 pupils are tested in the first few weeks at Milford Haven school. This helps us identify groups that may need help with literacy and numeracy skills – these are known as our intervention groups.

We only allow 1 pair of stud earrings and a watch. For health and safety reasons NO bangles, necklaces and drop earrings are allowed. There are no facial piercings.

There are required items for PE and they need to bring these on set days.

Please try to label all uniform, kit and bags as we have a large amount of lost property items that can not be returned as we do not know who they belong to!

Pupils must ensure that they are switched off whilst in school otherwise they will be confiscated for parents to collect.

Our school nurse is available to give advice to pupils and parents regarding health issues e.g. immunisations, special diets, medication etc.

Make a checklist for your child to follow to help them prepare for each school day. Helping them to get organised by sticking down any lose worksheets, covering and labelling books, and copying up missed work, all this helps to make them feel settled.

Your child can speak to any member of staff if they have questions or need help with a problem but if they would prefer to talk to someone their own age they can access any of our peer on peer support groups. These are our Senior Prefect Team, Anti-Bullying Champions and Safeguardians.

If you or your child are unsure about anything before they start or whilst here, please do not hesitate to contact school on 01646 690021 and the office staff will be pleased to direct you to the correct person.

Encourage them to get into good habits and routines. Emptying the bag each night and going through the timetable/planner before repacking the bag gets them organised for the next day.

If pupils arrive late in school they are asked to sign in at the Attendance Office. If they have a dental or doctor’s appointments then please contact the school explaining when you will pick them up from reception. Please try to arrange appointments for the end of the school day – after 2 p.m. to avoid pupils missing too much school.

Make sure you know what time and where your child needs to catch the school bus or meeting place. It is a good idea to have a set plan if there is a change of circumstance – what to do if there’s no one home/lost house key/or you are running late. They will need apply for a bus pass which is done through the local authority.

All pupils are required to wear the correct uniform at all times including correct black school shoes/trainers and jumper.

Please buy the correct uniform from the start, otherwise you may be asked to buy another item which is suitable for school. There is a grant available for uniform available for pupils who are joining a new secondary school. Check it out! Ask your Local Authority about it.

Whilst we realise that holiday companies offer deals for cheaper holidays during term time, we do ask that you do not book any holidays during these times. The Local Authority is currently issuing a  fixed penalty fine for each child a family removes from school for a holiday. If you must go then a holiday form is available from the school reception which needs to be completed and authorised by the Headteacher.

The school has a website https://milfordhavenschool.co.uk/, where there is a lot of information and up to date notices. 

We have designated rooms in school where a number of Learning Support staff are available at lunchtimes to help pupils with social skills and homework. Our ALNCO Miss Reynolds is always available to answer any specific queries.

Amber  is our School Based Youth Worker and helps many pupils settle in to school life. If you think your child would benefit from this support please get in touch. 

A good night’s sleep for all pupils is essential to set them up for school the next day.

We hope that this guide has answered some of your questions regarding transition from primary to secondary school but if you have any further questions or want to know a bit more about Milford Haven School please click the link below to access our brand new Transition Webpage.