Headteacher’s blog 28.06.2024

Shwmae, and welcome back to this week’s blog. In this week’s blog we are celebrating Youth Work Week and the amazing work our School Based Youth Worker does. 

Celebrating Youth Work Week

As we celebrate Youth Work Week, it’s essential to highlight the invaluable contribution of youth work, especially within the context of secondary schools. This annual event offers a unique opportunity to recognize and amplify the efforts of youth workers who dedicate their time and skills to nurturing and guiding young people.

Youth work involves a range of activities aimed at engaging young people in meaningful ways, promoting their personal and social development, and helping them reach their full potential. It is a practice rooted in values of respect, equality, and inclusion, often delivered through informal education and community involvement.

Meet our School Based Youth Worker

Amber Davies 
School Based Youth Worker 

How can I support pupils?

I can help pupils by working on their emotional health and wellbeing , I can be someone they can talk to, I can help build confidence, I can help with princes trust qualifications.

How can I support parents?

I can help and support parents by being available to them. I am free to talk about any issues that you feel your child is having and how the Youth Team can help support them. I can signpost parents to family support teams, I can speak to their child about sensitive subjects they may not feel comfortable talking to them about such as relationships, personal hygiene, anti-smoking and more.

How can I be contacted?

In the first instance please email me with your contact details, your child’s full name and any questions you may have.

Amber has helped me a lot in school. She is always there to guide and support with school work but will also listen if you are having a bad day.

MHS Pupil

Youth Work Support

Personal Development and Well-being

Academic Support and Career Guidance

Social Skills and Community Engagement

Inclusivity and Support for Vulnerable Students

Conflict Resolution and Behavioural Support

Amber has given me opportunities to take part in projects outside of my school work like being part of the anti-smoking campaign.

MHS Pupil

The Youth Room is my safe place in school. I know I can always go there for a chat and support. 

MHS Pupil