Blog 15.11.19

Children in Need is historically well supported by Milford Haven School, and this year has been no exception. We are very proud of our Sixth Form students for hosting a whole week of fundraising, the effort that they put in was astronomical and resulted in a fantastic amount of money being raised for a great cause. As well as continuing their A Level studies, our sixth form have given up a vast amount of their own time to organise events such as sporting tournaments, tuck shops, Stars in Their Eyes community show, staff car wash, grill night, The Big Dip and so much more. Thank you to all of those involved, as always the generosity of Milford Haven Town has been second to none. Total raised to be announced.

These two year 12 pupils pictured below look like they are having a fantastic time on the SEREN programme visit to London, which includes visits to prestigious universities and the Houses of Parliament.

We are extremely proud of them both, especially given that they went through a rigorous application process for this wonderful opportunity.

A huge congratulations to Art Club group 2, Evelyn Hammond, Brooklyn Wilson, Megen Lewis and Emilia Nowakowska. The girls have won the LNG art competition with the below entry, another fantastic creation thanks to the support of Ms George who facilitates some fantastic creative opportunities for our young people.

It is ‘Equalities and Tolerances Week’ next week, as such there will be a lot happening around the school to try and support our young people to be aware of this important topic. Our fantastic school council will be leading a number of school assemblies, there will be activities for tutor groups to complete during ASPIRE time, and we will start the process of updating our ‘Values’ tree in the Steynton Hall. We will also be launching an exciting opportunity for pupils to become ABC’s ( Anti Bullying Champions ), more information on this unique role will go out next week.

Unfortunately we have had to cancel our ‘Community Christmas Trip’, as the uptake was too low for us to run the activity. Anyone that has already paid will of course receive a full refund, Miss Baker will this week make contact with those affected to arrange refunds.

Please be aware though that there will be plenty of other festive opportunities in the coming weeks for the whole community to link with the school, and we will most definitely look to run other community trips in the future. 


Back due to popular demand, the History Department have organised a trip to Berlin for Year 11 and Sixth Form students from 30th June to 3rd July 2020.

The trip intends to help students understand and experience first hand the places that they study during their GCSE and A level courses. It helps them see for themselves the places that were of importance during the Nazi regime. It will also give the students an opportunity to visit a major European city and experience the wider culture and history of Berlin.

Letters with further information including cost and payment dates, along with consent forms for the trip are available from Miss John in H3. 

Milford Haven School is an inclusive environment that believes in having high expectations for uniform and appearance, as such we believe that our school uniform is extremely important. There are many advantages to our school uniform, including the fact that it reduces clothing related peer pressure and bullying. As shown by a host of research school uniform is cheaper than parents and carers having the pressure of clothing their children in ever changing fashion trends, and those that cannot afford luxury branded clothing are not at a social disadvantage in school when wearing a uniform. School uniform is also one of the ways in which we can display the school’s identity and values to the community. For these and many more reasons, students are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times.

We ask that all parents and carers ensure their children attend school every day wearing correct uniform. If your child is not in correct uniform they will be placed in supervision at break 1 and break 2, as allowing them to be unsupervised during their free time sends the message to other pupils that wearing incorrect uniform is acceptable.

A polite reminder that hoodies are not to be worn in school, and that uniform jumpers must be worn as stated in our school prospectus, on our website and photographs are also prominently displayed around the school. Can I also take this opportunity to remind you that school coats must be plain black, navy or royal blue. 

Thank you once again for your ongoing support, where pupils do attend school fully equipped and ready for learning this is hugely appreciated and has an enormously positive impact on your children’s education.