Wednesday marked the start of a series of Remembrance services held here at Milford Haven School. We ask that you please talk to your children about Remembrance Day, and help us ensure that our young people recognise and respect its significance.

Every year we mark this special occasion, because we must remember. If we do not, the sacrifice of all those thousands of lives will be meaningless. They died for us, for their homes and families and friends, for a collection of traditions they cherished and a future they believed in; they died for us.

The future that we shape is their monument, and we ask that all Milford Haven School pupils continue to respectfully take part in our services.


This week we have had the pleasure of welcoming some very special guests into Milford Haven School to support our Remembrance Services. We really appreciate the community’s involvement in helping us commemorate such a historically valuable and important event. We feel honoured to have paid our respects to those that made such huge sacrifices so the young people of today could be afforded such amazing opportunities

A big thank you to everyone that supported our ‘Spooky Disco’ last night, especially the staff and sixth form students that gave up their evening to put on such a fun event to reward some of our pupils. As always the night was a huge success, and as previously stated any profits made will be shared between the drama club for their upcoming production of Grease and also Children in Need. Speaking of Children in Need, next week is going to be action packed and full of fundraising as well as raising awareness of Children in Need and the work that they do globally. We will have wrist bands and pin badges on sale all week, we have limited stock and they usually sell out so get yours before they’re gone!

Today saw the majority of our sixth form brave ‘The Big Dip’. This is always the first event to kick off a week of Children in Need activities and fundraising here at MHS. Well done to everyone that braved the elements, as always we are very proud of how much you go above and beyond in all that you do but especially when it comes to supporting charitable causes.

Although there will be a lot planned during the school day next week, we know that our pupils’ families and the wider community love to support Children in Need and get involved with what’s going on here at MHS. The best way you can help is by purchasing a ticket for ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ on Wednesday November 13th. All money raised on the night will go to Children in Need, so you get to have a fantastic and entertaining night out all in aid of a great cause!

Well done to Miss Thyer’s class, Cleddau Y7, on getting 18 100% scores in their accelerated reading quiz. For their prize they had a choice of sweets or a book to keep, and the majority choose a book. Da iawn book worms!

A huge da iawn to an incredibly talented MHS pupil (pictured below) who recently attended the Pembrokeshire County Council Spotlight Awards. The event took place in Folly Farm, and very deservedly he came away winning the Music Award. This was for his outstanding contribution to music in School and County bands, achieving three Grade 8’s, and also his continued musical studies and development with the very best drummers in the country. We are all very proud of you and your amazing achievements!

We have been hearing some positive feedback regarding the Clear Fear app recently, so we thought we would share the link incase anyone would like to look into it for themselves or someone they know who might benefit. The ‘Clear Fear’ app is designed to support someone experiencing worries and anxiety, it has lovely tools to help you get through a crisis like a panic attack, but also helps build longer term strategies. It’s so easy to use, and can be a great first step into a young person seeking appropriate professional help.


Year 11 Pupil Progress Evening 21st November
Year 10 Pupil Progress Evening 28th November

All pupils in each relevant year group have been given letters to take home. In addition to this parents and carers of pupils causing concern in the following year groups will also be invited to attend the following:

Year 10 Concerns evening 21st November
Year 9 Concerns evening 28th November


Below is a visual reminder of the school uniform policy, we would like to thank you all for your continued support in ensuring that your children are dressed correctly for school in our uniform.