The House System

The Milford Haven School House System is designed to embody our school values and ethos and aims to be an integral part of our school life.

The House System aims to provide each and every learner with the following:

  • A sense of belonging within the school community
  • Opportunities to develop intellectual, social, physical and physical skills
  • Fun and excitement through competitions
  • A sense of achievement both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Opportunities for leadership

The four houses are in competition with one another throughout the school year with one goal in mind – to win the House Cup! The winner of the House Cup is the house that earns the most house points. There are a number of ways in which pupils can win points for their house, these include but are not limited to: 

  • Positive attitude and behaviour both inside and outside of the classroom 
  • Participation in extracurricular activities
  • Contributing to the wider school community 
  • Attendance 
  • Achievements  
  • Competitions and activities 

At the end of the summer term successes for each house are celebrated at the rewards assemblies and the winner of the House Cup is announced on the last day of term. The winner of the House Cup for 2022/23 was…

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Heads of House and Achievements

Upon graduating from Dauntless in Year 7 you will spend the remainder of your time at Milford Haven School in your allocated house. The Heads of House will be available to support you through your school career. Click on the house logos below to find out more information about each house.