Headteacher’s blog 26.04.2024

Shwmae, and welcome back to the Headteacher’s Blog. This week we are celebrating Wales Outdoor Learning Week with a blog all about our outdoor learning area Dysgu y Ardd. 

Wales Outdoor Learning Week

Every spring Natural Resources Wales and the Wales Council for Outdoor Learning join forces to organise #WalesOutdoorLearningWeek, a great opportunity to showcase and celebrate how we can all benefit from learning in, learning about and learning for our natural environment. 

This year for Wales Outdoor Learning Week we are celebrating the achievements of our pupils while they have been out and about learning the in outdoors. 


At the heart of outdoor learning in Milford Haven School lies the notion of experiential learning, where pupils actively engage with concepts and theories outdoors. Whether its looking at ecological systems, visiting and foraging in local forests or planting and harvesting in our own outdoor learning area, outdoor learning provides a rich and dynamic environment for fostering social connections, empathy, and teamwork.

Over the last few terms pupils at MHS have been taking their learning outdoors in many different forms from building log circles, planting vegetables and flowers, pond restoration, building willow domes, cooking with food harvested from our own garden or just taking their lessons outside to soak up the sun. 

Engaging in outdoor learning has helped pupils improve and enhance their wellbeing, social skills from collaborating with the community, team-building skills and sense of adventure. 


The video below highlights some of the amazing work that pupils have been doing outside. 

To keep up with our Outdoor Learning journey please click the link below: