Headteacher’s blog 12.04.2024

Shwmae and welcome to this week’s blog! This week we are dedicating the blog to revision and exam support as our pupils head into exam season. Remember, when you believe in yourself anything is possible. Pob lwc. 


GCSE Pod have a wide range of materials and support to help you with your revision. Click the link below for access:


Revision Timetable

Click this link below to print off your revision timetable

Revision Timetable


Use this link for editable and printable flashcards


Believe In Yourself

If you work hard and stay focused with positive energy, stress will be reduced. Believe in yourself and have the confidence to succeed. 

Get Organised

You’ll feel more confident and in control if you make a list of everything you need to study and make a schedule.

Make Sleep a Priority

Without getting the proper rest it will be even harder for you to retain information. A good sleep of between 7-9 hours every night helps you have a relaxed and well-rested mind and body.

Overcome Problems

If you find you don’t understand some of your material, getting stressed out won’t help. Take action and speak to your teacher. 

Welsh Phrase of the Week

Cymraeg Yr Wythnos

 ‘Pob Lwc

 ‘Good Luck’