Update – Sunday 19th April 2020 (MHS advice on the week ahead)

If like us you have forgotten what day and week it is, we are here to help you with some handy reminders for the week ahead!

* Tomorrow would be the start of a new term, and we would be commencing on a Week 2 of the school timetable
*Pupils are invited to log into Google Classroom tomorrow and check in with their form tutors if possible, you can also check for updated work and tasks that have been posted by subject teachers if you require work to continue your learning at home
* Joe Wicks PE sessions can be streamed daily for free – great for both your physical and mental health
*BBC Bitesize are launching tomorrow daily learning sessions, again for free, and are covering both secondary and primary age students
*Not all learning is academic, many of you are helping around the home and developing valuable life skills with guidance from family members
*We are always here if you need us!