Update- Monday 29th June 2020 (A big warm welcome back!)

Thank you to all of our dedicated staff, wonderful pupils and supportive families who have all contributed to a positive first day back at MHS. We know that some of you are still waiting to have your first session with us, so here is some feedback from pupils who attended today to let you know how they found returning to school.

* ‘I felt quite excited about returning to school, and we had an extended break. It was exciting to see some of my friends.’

* ‘I was very excited to come back, but nervous at the same time’

* ‘I thought it was going to be rubbish, but I REALLY enjoyed it. Am glad to be back now.’

* ‘I was very happy at being back in school, and really enjoyed my first day’

* ‘After the first day it was nice getting back to some sort of normality after so much time away from school.’

* ‘We did the Eisteddfod keepy uppy challenge today and I loved it!!!

A big warm welcome back to you all ?

Gepostet von Milford Haven School am Montag, 29. Juni 2020