Update- Friday 22nd January 2021 (Welfare Walkabouts)

Educational Welfare Service- welfare walkabouts.

The Education Welfare Service (EWS) are undertaking ‘Welfare Walkabouts’.
This is to inform and identify any pupils who should be at home with online learning or exercising alone / in their bubble, but are seen in large groups.
We hope the public will be reassured PCC are undertaking a publicly visible presence when walking around areas such as the skate park in Haverfordwest or Milford marina for example, when approaching young people or when walking along the street.
Hi-vis jackets for easy identification are on order.
The Police are aware of this approach and supportive of our efforts.
If a young person / child is approached, the Education Welfare Officer’s (EWO’s) will be in pairs and will identify themselves as a Local Authority officer. They will ask why they are out and about, if they have any problems at school for example with lack of equipment and will pass over their details should a parent want to ensure the officer was acting appropriately.
If there are any queries from the public they should phone through to the Education Welfare Service on 01437 775022 0r through the Contact Centre 01437 764551.
Many thanks for your support.
Education Welfare Service