The Bay

The Bay is a sector leading provision for year 7 pupils who require an alternative curriculum to that of mainstream. Pupils are taught within a much smaller setting and spend the majority of their lessons with one teacher and LSA.

Their curriculum focuses on daily numeracy and literacy with subjects such as geography and history being taught in a thematic way through ‘topic’. Numeracy and literacy lessons have been specially adapted to meet the needs of pupils ensuring that the core skills are embedded. ICT is then woven into the curriculum at all possibility in order to embed these key skills as well. Pupils still access mainstream lessons attending PE, DT, French, welsh and science; supported by their class LSA.

The smaller settings allow for pupils and staff to build positive relationships built on mutual understanding. We are able to support and accommodate additional challenges that pupils may face and have facilities to provide them with a quiet space when needed.

In addition to our academic focus, we also build pupils mental and emotional wellbeing through ‘skills 4 life’ lessons and general daily mentoring. We aim to create a positive learning environment, boosting pupils’ confidence and self-belief, to enable them to become lifelong learners.

Parental involvement and engagement is key to our success and we hold events for parents to come into school to work with their children to strengthen the relationship between school and home. Daily communication with parents also takes place to ensure the best provision is being provided for each individual.