Sixth Form

Welcome To

Milford Haven School Sixth Form

At Milford Haven School, We realise the importance of independence in Students but We also realise that they require a good deal of support and guidance to reach this goal. For this reason we will carefully monitor our progress, and offer support when needed. We want you to develop and meet your full potential during your time with us, We want you to feel valued, cared for and fully involved in the educational journey you are about to embark upon. Our mentoring system fully supports your learning within option choices and the Welsh Baccalaureate. We Will give you individual targets that are realistic and achievable. We will track and support your progress towards those targets.

Our Sixth Form Study Centre was recently refurbished and provides a comfortable base for your study when not in lessons. The Study Centre offers chrome books and laptops to assist you in private study outside of the classroom. The study area is supervised by our Sixth Form Administration Assistant Who can help Support your studies.

We genuinely believe that parents and carers have a vital role in the Sixth Form. Communication between home and school is regular and informative, parents and Carers are encouraged to contact us with issues they need clarification on and we welcome such communication. Experience tells us that success in the Sixth Form is best achieved via a three-way partnership between students, parents/carers and school.

Whilst Year 12 studies might be a transition for some students, for example into the world of work or training, for most it is preparation for Year 13. This year is dominated by the application process for further and higher education. Students are fully involved and supported in this sometimes complex process. To ensure that parents feel part of this process we have a Parents’ Evening dedicated to the UCAS in September.

Although we are an academic Sixth Form striving for excellence, we realise that there is far more to being in the Sixth Form than just studying. Organised by our Senior Prefect Team, students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of events including Children in Need, the Big Dip, Stars in their Eyes and the Sixth Form Ball, to name but a few.

Study Centre

The school has a Sixth Form Study Area, which allows Year 12 and 13 students to work in a quiet, supervised and well-resourced centre. This replicates the type of working environment they can expect to find at University. The Study Centre Was developed in partnership with the port of Milford Haven and the School is grateful for their participation and financial support.

The Centre is equipped With Chrome Books and Laptops which students can use to complete their course work and carry out research. The Study Centre has wireless technology, printing and scanning facilities. Sixth Form students also have access to the Conference Room, adjacent to the Study Centre. Here Students have an interactive white board which allows Students to undertake group work, prepare and practise presentations. The Study Centre is supervised by the Sixth Form Pastoral Support Officer – Mrs Stewart, who will endeavour to support you with your studies as you transition into Sixth Form.

Head Of KS4 & KS5

Mrs M Griffiths

Senior Prefects

Head Girl- Lucy Lewis

I have always aspired to be Head Girl because I want to be seen as a good role model to younger pupils. As Head Girl it is my job to meet with school council and make sure that pupil voice is heard in driving the school and it’s community forward. I would most like to be remembered as a friendly and approachable face. 
I currently study English, history, sociology and welshbacc. Next year I hope to study history and English at university and become an English teacher. My MHS highlight is probably the first day at sixth form, it immediately felt like the start of a special chapter. 

Head Boy- Dafydd Picton

I wanted to be Head Boy because I’ve always looked up to the prefects and told myself I want to do that one day.  The role for me involves leadership, and the ability to make a good and friendly impression- to be a role model for the younger students.  I’d like to be remembered as the set of prefects who made the best effort they could to push through all the current circumstances and close sixth form in the best light possible.
I’m studying Economics, ICT and welshbacc. My plans for the future are to go to university and hopefully find a career somewhere within ICT or marketing.  The highlight of my time at MHS has been all the friends I’ve made along the way and all the memories I’ve made within school. 

Deputy Head Girl- Izzy Solomon

I wanted to be a member of the prefect team to get more involved in the school and wider community. The role of Deputy Head Girl includes lots of different things such as planning assemblies, helping with the school council and attending public events to represent the school. I’d like to be remembered for my time spent with pupils organising events such as our recent drama production of ‘Grease’, which are highlights of the school calendar. 
I am currently studying Ethics, English Literature, History, Sociology and welsh bacc. In the future I hope to study philosophy at university.  The highlight of my time with MHS was probably my year 11 results days when everyone’s hard work paid off.

Deputy Head Boy- Alex Robertson

I wanted to be Deputy Head Boy because once you are acquired that role, you become a role model and I really want to lead by example. The role I play is to bring ideas and innovation to the table, and help in putting on unforgettable charitable events. I would like to be remembered as a person that acted as a suitable role model and set a positive example to younger pupils. 

I currently study ICT, Product design, PE and Welshbacc. My plans and ambitions for life after sixth form is to go on to study ICT at my favoured University. The highlight of my time at Milford Haven School was when all the sixth formers came together and helped contribute to put on an unforgettable charity events including Children in Need.