SCITECH at Key Stage 3

SCITECH is the combined study of science and technology. In KS3 pupils undertake SCITECH lessons; these lessons allow for interdisciplinary  learning, with discrete and subject specialist teaching in Science and Design Technology, to provide the broadest possible range of opportunities for our students. Through SCITECH students are given the learning opportunities to become curious individuals who search for answers to help further their understanding of the natural world and helps society progress through creativity and innovation.


At Key Stage 3, learners should be given opportunities to build on the skills, knowledge and understanding acquired at Key Stage 2. They should be taught to design and make products by combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in contexts that allow them to make decisions based on the values that underpin society, helping them become active and informed citizens. They should be made aware of human achievements and the big ideas that have shaped the world. They should be encouraged to be  enterprising and innovative in their designing and making, while having regard for sustainability and environmental issues in the twenty-first century.

SCITECH at Key Stage 4

SCITECH is the combined study of science and technology. In KS4 Science and Technology and timetabled separately, as learning at this level is in greater detail and covers a wider expanse of topics. In KS4 pupils will explore construction of the built environment, engineering, health and social studies, hospitality and catering, fashion and textiles, product design, performing engineering operations and much more. The huge variety of specialist studies we offer in vocational areas reflects the diversity of real industry, and we want to best prepare out students for the real world of work. An overview of each of these specific areas of learning can be found in the options booklets – please note we do not run child development any more.