Pembrokeshire has had 21 Covid-19 positive cases reported in the last 4 days(as of 6.5.21). Whilst this is not wholly unexpected given the recent relaxation of rules, we encourage everyone in our school community to please continue with precautions such as hand washing, social distancing and the wearing of face coverings to help protect us all.
Please remember that although we are moving towards a return to ‘normal life’, there are still some rules in place that are there to support the safety of our whole community. This includes the wearing of face coverings for everyone attending our school site, and also ensuring social distancing is followed – including when dropping off or collecting your children from school. For this transition back to face to face learning to be a success we must all play our part. Many of the rules in place are the same as last time school was open to pupils, with one or two new rules that are simple to follow. If in doubt please ask, we are here to help.
*School starts at 8.40am and all pupils are asked to go straight to their form rooms. No pupils are to be on site prior to 8.20am, the gates will be locked till this time.
*Pupils will need to follow the one way system when moving around school, this has been in place for some time now but the arrow signs remain visible as reminders.
*Hand sanitising stations are located all around the school and pupils are requested to wash their hands regularly throughout the day.
*It is now compulsory for face coverings to be worn by everyone in school, except for those who are exempt for genuine reasons.
*Pupils must stick to their designated zones at break times, this is essential to support the safety of not just those in school but also our wider community.
*Remember to bring your own equipment/ stationery & enough water for the day.
*When topping up your meal account online don’t forget it can take 24 hours for the credit to be available.
*Hoodies are not a part of our school uniform and should not be worn to school.
*All learners attending school site are to wear uniform. If you are having difficulty sourcing uniform items needed please contact your child’s Head of House so we can make sure you are signposted to all support available. 
Thank you for your ongoing support, we appreciate all of the efforts being made at home to help facilitate a positive transition back to school for your children. 

MHS Feminine Hygiene Packs

Period Poverty and Feminine Hygiene is something we feel very passionate about here at MHS, and over the last few years we have worked really hard to develop new and creative ways to support our girls and the wider community.

Over the past two weeks we have been hard at work putting together and distributing Feminine Hygiene Packs for our Year 7 girls. This batch of packs are specifically put together for our Year 7 girls as all other year groups have already received educational material and the opportunity for free resources in the past, and so now we turn our attention to our current Year 7 to ensure that they have the same opportunity of support and resources that other pupils have already had.

All of our Year 7 girls have been offered the opportunity to receive a free Feminine Hygiene Pack, the contents of which are aimed to help equip the girls with come of the basic supplies needed for a period and also to support positive body hygiene. The feminine hygiene packs contain items such as- deodorant, hairbrush, reusable sanitary pads, face wipes etc. Here at Milford Haven School we have chosen to prioritise a large portion of our W.G. grant spend on reusable products that support feminine hygiene, this is in order to maximise the long term impact we can make and also support equal access for all our girls to some of the more expensive but sustainable products available. 

Along with the letters that were sent home relating to the Feminine Hygiene Packs, we also produced an information leaflet that explains some of reusable items now available, how they are safely used, and also the positive ways these items can affect both our young girls and the wider world- for example positive environmental impact and significant financial savings. We believe that the only way for our girls to make educated decisions for their bodies is for them to be well educated on all of the options available to them. For some of our girls single use products will be their preference and they are not only included in the packs but also readily available in the Red Boxes around school. For some of our girls reusable products will be the best choice, and these packs are a fantastic opportunity for the girls to try reusable pads and experience the benefits without having to take on the initial costs.

We feel that we have a moral obligation to ensure that our girls have fair access to period products. Period poverty is negatively affecting the education of some young people in our school community, and
hopefully this project will make a positive difference to our girls! 

A huge diolch & da iawn to Alicia Thomas, who has produced the above ‘haul’ video to help promote our Feminine Hygiene Packs to fellow pupils who would benefit. A great piece of work Alicia, and thank you so much for your support of this important project.

Lateral flow testing is now available for pupils in KS3, as well as KS4.
Parents will need to read the information letter that has been issued and complete the consent form if they wish to take part. Although this is voluntary we do ask for your support in encouraging your child to test in order to help keep everyone in our school community safe. More information on testing can be found by reading the LFT letter (a full copy is available on the Letters Home page on our school website), there is also a short video linked below that explains the LFT process.

Link to short instructional video:…
Link to consent form: .
This week our school council pupils from Years 7-10 had an exciting opportunity to take part in an exclusive online seminar with 2 representatives from the UK Parliament.
They discussed matters such as the role of an MP, how elections work, the House of Commons vs the House of Lords, and electoral boundaries. Many thanks also to MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire Stephen Crabb, for taking the time to do a live virtual Q&A with our pupils as part of this session. All the pupils represented both the school and themselves to the highest standards, and had insightful questions to ask throughout. Da iawn pawb.
The fantastic and local company St Brides Bay are again providing the leavers hoodies for us this year. The website is linked below, and they are happy to take orders via email, phone or facebook message.
01646 696904 |
If you would like to place an order all St Brides need from you is what size you’d like, what colour hoodie you’d like,what nickname you’d like on the back, and finally payment. Adult sizes are £24.00 each, and Children’s sizes are £20.00 each. They are also able to post them out to people if you need to, this is an extra £4.00 for post and packaging.
Here is the link to their online catalogue which has all the colours listed –Adults Colours –
Children Colours – note that the adult sizes are available in a greater range of colours). Happy Shopping!
Being a part of something bigger than ourselves and focusing on things that we value is key to our wellbeing. So let’s take time to reflect on what we care about this month and keep these things at the front of our minds as our societies begin to open up again.

Being ready to learn is about so much more than just being on time to your classes, wearing correct uniform and having the required stationery. In order for our young people to be truly ready to learn they need to be equipped with a positive attitude, be respectful of others in the classroom, and take responsibility for positively engaging in their own education. 

Thank you to all of our families that support us in setting high expectations for our young people, encouraging your children to give their best and reach their full potential during their time at MHS.

As has been shared with you in previous letters, we were due to receive information about the 2021 appeals process from Qualification Wales (QW) and the WJEC.  However the update has been delayed by QW. The full letter is available to view here. Link to Qualifications Wales 2021 Appeals process letter

Important reminder for pupils in Years 7-10…

If you have been provided with a school Chromebook during lockdown to support your home learning please can this be returned to school this week, along with the charger that you were provided. Please hand all devices into our main school reception, not to your form tutor or class teacher.

Years 11 and 13 do not need to return their devices at this time, but we will let you know when they do need to be brought back to school.
GCSE POD is a fantastic resource which Milford Haven School continues to promote amongst learners and their parents/carers.

GCSE POD holds a wealth of support for a range of subjects, with some content specific for KS3 as well as KS4. Learners are encouraged to use their MHS Google log-in to access the site and start exploring the site which could prove extremely beneficial for our KS4 learners.
Please look at the following parent site tour where you can see what is on offer:

It has come to our attention that some pupils are wearing a single layer scarf as a face covering. Single layer face coverings do not follow the WG guidance, which states that:

Face coverings should be high quality three layered as set out by the World Health Organisation, but do not need to be medical-grade face masks. Face coverings or visors are not PPE and would not prevent an individual being identified as a close contact by TTP.
Young person’s mental health toolkit from HWB.
Below is a link to the young person’s mental health toolkit from HWB, designed for 11 to 25-year-olds. Here you will find six playlists to direct you to a wide range of online resources to help you through the lockdown and beyond. In each of the playlists you’ll find self-help websites, apps, helplines, and more that are here to support your mental health and well-being.
Please remember: if you’re finding it difficult to cope, make sure you speak to someone you trust. Who this might be is different for everyone, but it might include family members or carers, a teacher, a helpline, or a doctor. How you feel is important and lots of people are here to help if you need them.

All parents and carers in all year groups have been issued login codes for our school app WEDUC, this is one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with us and stay up to date with school life.
Please contact us if you need any support getting started with the app, or have any trouble logging in, so we can help you get connected.