Blog 26.6.20

As you can imagine Milford Haven School has been a hub of activity this week preparing for the return of some of our pupils next week. I am aware that over the last few weeks alot of information has been shared with you, but please rest assured that if you ever need to refer back to the information contained in letters we send home a copy can always be found on our ‘Letters Home’ page on the school website. 

The focus of the planned sessions starting next week are to check-in on pupils’ wellbeing, catch-up on their effort and engagement regarding their online learning and prepare pupils for future weeks. These days on site will not replace the existing online learning.Instead, they will reinforce, support and run alongside the continuation of our online learning provision.

In this interim period the school meals catering service will not operate so there will be a need for all of us, pupils and staff alike, to bring our own small snack and drink for the 15 minute break planned into the session.

Pupils will be working in small groups of 5-7 and have a base room for their sole use with their house tutor. Teachers will not be rotating between classes in an effort to minimise movement and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Pupils do not need to bring any equipment to school- to reduce the risk as much as possible we will provide all equipment needed to minimise items brought into school from homes.

Cleaners will be on site throughout the day sanitising door handles, desks, chairs and toilets several times a day. 
Pupils must arrive and leave through their designated entry and exit points and follow the social distancing markers. Social distancing and hygiene facilities will be clearly present throughout the school.

Each House will work within a specific tower block within the school which will have its own set of toilet facilities and medical/isolation room. Breaks will be staggered to reduce cross-contamination. See the table below for an overview of the planned set up.

Here is a link to where you can find guided tours of each House Tower to see how they will run come Monday.…/

As you may have seen on our Facebook page already alot of additional signage has been put up around school this week to support a safe return for some of our pupils, this should hopefully make the transition back to us as easy as possible with some new rules in place. 

With regards to school transport from next week, active travel is advised (walk, scooter) wherever possible by WAG, followed by private (car) and only if absolutely necessary by public transport (bus).

As a school we would always advise Active travel (walk, scooter), wherever possible, followed by private and
when it is only absolutely necessary to come by public transport or school bus. As indicated by WAG on Tuesday 9th June 2020 it is virtually impossible to maintain social distancing on public transport, therefore they issued advice that face coverings should be worn at all times when travelling on public transport.
If you absolutely must use public transport in order to access schools, Pembrokeshire County Council in their FAQs explain that “We will have the exact same issues on school transport and although we will be ensuring as much distance between passengers as practically possible this may not always be 2m and therefore we would advise all pupils to wear face coverings to ensure not only their own safety but that of everyone travelling on the transport.”…/Parent-Guide-to-transpor…

For the pupils attending school next week arrangements have been made for the pupils living in Leonardston Road and Waterston to travel on the Neyland bus (569). They will be collected just after their normal pick-up times. In terms of Johnston, as the 302 service bus times are not suitable, we will put alternative transport in place. The pupils will be collected around 8:20 from Johnston. It will be a white minibus with PCC logo on the side. Transport is as normal for the other routes.

What if 2020 isn’t cancelled?

What if 2020 is actually the year we have been waiting for to see real change across the world.
What if 2020 is the year that we finally have the time to reflect on our own actions, and implement change where it is needed for us to be better versions of ourselves.
What if 2020 is the year that we band together instead of pushing each other further apart.
At Milford Haven School we feel that 2020 isn’t the year that everything was cancelled, but rather it might just be the most important year of all.

With that in mind we are launching an exciting new project at MHS this year called ‘Let’s All Be Better’. A huge thanks to our Head Boy and Head Girl who have been extremely proactive in supporting this initiative, and have been instrumental in developing the resources- without you both this project would not have grown into the fantastic learning tool it has become.

The ‘Let’s All Be Better’ message has been stencilled 20 times in secret locations around school by our wonderful Head Boy and Head Girl. We will be working this term on developing a QR code to go with each stencil, and from September all pupils will be invited to take part in this information scavenger hunt to develop their knowledge on various topics through the resources linked to each QR code. Some of the categories selected by our Head Boy and Head Girl include:
*Let’s all be better friends.
*Let’s all be better at looking after our own mental health.
*Let’s all be better at challenging inequality.
*Let’s all be better at speaking out about racism.

We are hoping that even if pupils do not want to take part in the full scavenger activity, just by stencilling our ‘Let’s All Be Better’ message across the school this will give people a really simple starting point to open up conversations. It hopefully prompts some self reflection, and recognises we can all be better in some way.

This week it was really tough for our Heads of House to pick Seren yr Wythnos, as so many of you are working incredibly hard! We are very lucky to have so much to celebrate here at MHS, with so many of our fantastic pupils going above and beyond to reach their potential even in these difficult circumstances.
Da iawn pawb.

⭐️ DIAMOND HOUSE- Megan Lees as she has had several nominations for putting 100% effort and producing amazing work across the board. She also has positive and polite manner about her always.

⭐️ DRAGON HOUSE- Iestyn Adams for his constant positive engagement and enthusiasm throughout lockdown.

⭐️ DEFENDER HOUSE- Dylan Hudd for the fantastic animations he has created throughout lockdown.

⭐️ DARING HOUSE- Ollie Rees for submitting fantastic work for french and welsh every week.