As adults we all check we have the basics before we leave the house- phone, keys, wallet etc ✅
If our children come to school prepared with what they need for the day ahead it really does have such a positive impact. So, MHS pupils before you leave home and head to school each morning please check you have the basics with you and set yourself up for a great day- face mask, a drink of water, your own set of stationery ✅
Please remember that although we are moving towards a return to ‘normal life’, there are still some rules in place that are there to support the safety of our whole community. This includes the wearing of face coverings for everyone attending our school site, and also ensuring social distancing is followed – including when dropping off or collecting your children from school. For this transition back to face to face learning to be a success we must all play our part. Many of the rules in place are the same as last time school was open to pupils, with one or two new rules that are simple to follow. If in doubt please ask, we are here to help.
*School starts at 8.40am and all pupils are asked to go straight to their form rooms. No pupils are to be on site prior to 8.20am, the gates will be locked till this time.
*Pupils will need to follow the one way system when moving around school, this has been in place for some time now but the arrow signs remain visible as reminders.
*Hand sanitising stations are located all around the school and pupils are requested to wash their hands regularly throughout the day.
*It is now compulsory for face coverings to be worn by everyone in school, except for those who are exempt for genuine reasons.
*Pupils must stick to their designated zones at break times, this is essential to support the safety of not just those in school but also our wider community.
*Remember to bring your own equipment/ stationery & enough water for the day.
*When topping up your meal account online don’t forget it can take 24 hours for the credit to be available.
*Hoodies are not a part of our school uniform and should not be worn to school.
*All learners attending school site are to wear uniform. If you are having difficulty sourcing uniform items needed please contact your child’s Head of House so we can make sure you are signposted to all support available. 
Thank you for your ongoing support, we appreciate all of the efforts being made at home to help facilitate a positive transition back to school for your children. 
You may have seen the Western Telegraph post yesterday, detailing a recent development project which many of our amazing pupils took part in. Using Minecraft education they redesigned Milford Haven’s train station, the video below contains a montage of the completed models. South West railways and Swansea University Technocamps have judged the entries and a winner along with highly commended entries will be announced next week. The most exciting part for me is the possibility of elements of student ideas being incorporated in the actual build. What an achievement, da iawn I chi gyd.
Da iawn to everyone that took part in the ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ litter pick at school this week, and a special thank you to Mari and Grace for organising this event. The girls will be analysing the results of the litter pick over the coming weeks, and then using this evidence to try and come up with some creative solutions to improve the school environment. We look forward to sharing their results with you all.
We may not be able to take our pupils on our annual trip to Hay on Wye, but in our commitment to improving literacy and widening the experiences of pupils, this year we will be beaming a virtual version to us!
Ms Mansell has arranged for pupils to take part in some inspiring online sessions next week, with a variety of authors that are keen to spark a passion for books in the next generation of best sellers and book worms. We hope all those that take part enjoy the sessions, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you next week.
Pob lwc to these two fantastic ladies, both from House Daring, who will be sailing this weekend to represent Wales. We are extremely proud of you both. ⛵️
On Monday we will be making an exciting official announcement to inform our whole school community of the newly appointed Senedd MHS Team. Milford Haven School has moved away from the traditional structure of various school councils, and have instead developed the unique ‘Senedd MHS’. We have an incredible group of young people who have put themselves forward to be a part of this team, and we look forward to sharing with you regular updates on the positive impact they collectively have while in post.
The fantastic and local company St Brides Bay are again providing the leavers hoodies for us this year. The website is linked below, and they are happy to take orders via email, phone or facebook message.
01646 696904 |
If you would like to place an order all St Brides need from you is what size you’d like, what colour hoodie you’d like,what nickname you’d like on the back, and finally payment. Adult sizes are £24.00 each, and Children’s sizes are £20.00 each. They are also able to post them out to people if you need to, this is an extra £4.00 for post and packaging.
Here is the link to their online catalogue which has all the colours listed –Adults Colours –
Children Colours – note that the adult sizes are available in a greater range of colours). Happy Shopping!
🕑💉 The actual act of donating blood only takes 5-10 minutes to do, but for someone in need, that blood could last a lifetime. Can you help by giving blood @Pill Social Club, Milford Haven 28th May & 14th June?
Visit to book a lifesaving donation
Important reminder for pupils in Years 7-10…

If you have been provided with a school Chromebook during lockdown to support your home learning please can this be returned to school this week, along with the charger that you were provided. Please hand all devices into our main school reception, not to your form tutor or class teacher.

Years 11 and 13 do not need to return their devices at this time, but we will let you know when they do need to be brought back to school.
GCSE POD is a fantastic resource which Milford Haven School continues to promote amongst learners and their parents/carers.

GCSE POD holds a wealth of support for a range of subjects, with some content specific for KS3 as well as KS4. Learners are encouraged to use their MHS Google log-in to access the site and start exploring the site which could prove extremely beneficial for our KS4 learners.
Please look at the following parent site tour where you can see what is on offer:

It has come to our attention that some pupils are wearing a single layer scarf as a face covering. Single layer face coverings do not follow the WG guidance, which states that:

Face coverings should be high quality three layered as set out by the World Health Organisation, but do not need to be medical-grade face masks. Face coverings or visors are not PPE and would not prevent an individual being identified as a close contact by TTP.
Young person’s mental health toolkit from HWB.
Below is a link to the young person’s mental health toolkit from HWB, designed for 11 to 25-year-olds. Here you will find six playlists to direct you to a wide range of online resources to help you through the lockdown and beyond. In each of the playlists you’ll find self-help websites, apps, helplines, and more that are here to support your mental health and well-being.
Please remember: if you’re finding it difficult to cope, make sure you speak to someone you trust. Who this might be is different for everyone, but it might include family members or carers, a teacher, a helpline, or a doctor. How you feel is important and lots of people are here to help if you need them.

All parents and carers in all year groups have been issued login codes for our school app WEDUC, this is one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with us and stay up to date with school life.
Please contact us if you need any support getting started with the app, or have any trouble logging in, so we can help you get connected. 
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