Blog 17.7.20

Incase anyone missed the annoucement last week, we are delighted to announce our Prefect Team for 2020-21!

Our Prefect team are: Mijaan Ali, Tyler Rogers, Elanor Evans, Beth Chinn and Ellie Brown.
They will be led by our Senior Prefects of Head Girl Lucy Lewis, Head Boy Dafydd Picton, Deputy Head Girl Izzy-May Solomon and Deputy Head Boy Alex Robertson.

A huge congratulations is extended to them all, and we continue to be immensely proud of the achievements of our sixth form at MHS.

As many of you will have seen online, this week we have taken MHS Bags of Books on tour across our local community. Thank you to everyone that has taken part in MHS Bags of Books on tour this week. We cannot tell you how happy and proud it makes us to receive your lovely messages and photos, we are overjoyed to see so many local children getting excited about reading! Below are a few photos and messages we have received this week, diolch yn fawr pawb.

“Our little whirlwind was so happy to pick his own book from Milford Haven Comp Book Tour. He really loves books and was excited to go and choose one. Thank you to all involved, what a lovely idea for all in the community. ❤️

“Thank you to everyone involved in the free book initiative at Milford Haven Comp. I have a keen reader who was delighted to pick up her very own “big girl book” from the “big school”. I really think this is a wonderful project that really helps children get excited about books and help their love of literacy. Well done to everyone involved ❤️ absolutely fantastic!!”

“We have actually been to the books event a few times as my children think it’s an adventure to go and find a new book (but what they don’t realise is that they are actually excited about learning!) thank you so much to everyone involved ❤️

The letter below has been sent out by email to all those Year 6 parents whose emails we have that have registered for the upcoming transition days.

Form tutors have worked hard this week to phone all Year 6 pupils taking part in transition, but it was a lovely opportunity to introduce themselves and make sure you are all well prepared for next week.…/2020/07/Transition-lette…

Although we have already shared these videos with current MHS pupils, we strongly advise that all Year 6 pupils attending the transition days next week watch the relevant clip for their House.

It is important that you take the time to watch your House video to familiarise yourself with some of the logistics of how each tower will run, this will allow you to keep yourself and others safe while attending our school site.…/

MHS Book Amnesty! 📚

We would really appreciate it if MHS pupils could all check for any school books at home, this includes subject textbooks and library books. With the current situation we appreciate that many of you will have school books at home that you have not had the opportunity to return. With that in mind there will be a box placed at the front of school Monday – Thursday next week for a ‘book amnesty’, this way you can easily return any school books you may have at home.

We will share a photo of the box on Monday so you can see it’s exact location. Thank you in advance for your help and support. 

Please see below a link to a recent letter published by PCC regarding the ongoing consultation process.…/6th-form-consultation-le…


The “Lunchbox Project” is officially underway! Thanks to some funding that we worked hard to secure we are overjoyed to have distributed 40 meal packs this week to families across Milford, packs contained a recipe card and everything needed to make a healthy family meal. If you received a pack today we hope you enjoyed it.

A huge thanks to Milford Youth Matters for helping us coordinate these packs across the community, we look forward to sending out the next 40 packs! 

Our new Twitter account is up and running, another great way for you to connect with us here at MHS!

Please see below a reminder of the details of the Pupil Development Grant: Access PLUS from PCC. We have shared this information before, but please feel free to pass on to anyone that you think may benefit. Diolch

Pembrokeshire Pupil Development Grant Access Plus is a Pembrokeshire County Council Scheme to help parents in difficult circumstances with school uniforms.

From April 2019, Pembrokeshire County Council will offer a grant of up to £125 per statutory school age pupil for:

*school uniform including coats and shoes
*school sports kit including footwear
*uniform for enrichment activities, including but not limited to, scouts, guides, cadets, martial arts, sports, performing arts or dance Equipment e.g. school bags and stationery
*Specialist equipment where new curriculum activities begin such as design and technology
*Equipment for out of school hour’s trips such as outdoor learning e.g. waterproofs

This is not an exhaustive list, and there is some discretion about what could be funded but it must be something that will support the achievement of the child. Decisions on applications will be made by the Pupil Support Officer for your school. Examples of difficult circumstances may include:

*Families experiencing moving over to Universal Credit and experiencing significant delays in receiving benefit payments
*Loss of possessions due to an event beyond your control such as fire or flood.
*A child who has to move schools at short notice at the advice of the Local Authority.

You can request an application form by ringing PCC on 01437 764551.