Blog 16.03.2023

Milford Haven School’s Drama Club have been working tirelessly over the past few weeks to bring you a brilliant performance of High School Musical On Stage. Since their show-stopping performance of Grease in 2019 and Our House in 2022 they have been waiting to get back on stage to entertain you. They have taken over today’s blog where you will meet the very talented cast, hear from the director and find out how you can purchase tickets to next weeks unmissable performances.

This year’s production is set to be incredible! With the amount of time and effort poured into it by our dedicated and hard working cast, I can guarantee that audiences of all ages will enjoy every second! 

Staff have been working with our biggest cast to date and the commitment given by all has been amazing. I feel really lucky to be a part of it!

Miss MurrayDirector

High School Musical: On Stage
Disney’s High School Musical on Stage! centres on the blossoming relationship between Troy, a high school jock, and Gabriella, the new smart girl at school.  They meet on a family vacation and become attracted to each other while singing in a karaoke competition.  Rediscovering each other at school, their relationship and their surprise decision to audition together for the school show are thwarted by the school’s current leading lady, Sharpay, and Troy and Gabriella’s well-meaning friends. 

Finally, Gabriella and Troy find a way to be themselves and are rewarded with the lead roles in the school show. Full of catchy songs and exciting dance routines, Disney’s High School Musical on Stage! explores issues of friendship, first love, and acceptance. Disney’s High School Musical is fun for the whole family. Its large cast size and upbeat numbers.


Meet the cast...


Age: 16
School Year: 11
School subjects studying: Drama, ICT, Computer science, Construction
Role in the show: Troy Bolton

This is my first school production, and I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people from all different year groups, rehearsing each week and just being part of the show. It’s been such a worthwhile thing to do and I feel my confidence has really improved.


Age: 16
School Year: 11
Subjects studying: Drama, music, media studies, French
Role in the show: Gabriella Montez

I have done many productions both in and out of school, but I don’t normally have a role like this. I just love being on stage and being part of a cast, especially a big one like we have for this show.


Age: 16
School Year: 11
Subjects studying: Drama, engineering, hospitality and catering, Health and social care
Role: Sharpay Evans

I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people, practising songs and performing on the stage.


Age: 13
School Year: 8
Role: Ryan Evans

I’ve been in lots of shows and absolutely love being on the stage, no matter the size of the part. I have really enjoyed meeting new people and being part of this fabulous cast.

Principle cast...

Ewan Larsen as Troy Bolton
Alicia Thomas as Gabriella Montez
Carly Hicks as Sharpay Evans
Eva Rees as Ryan Evans
Megan Lloyd as Kelsi Nielson
Rebecca Evans-Critten as Ms. Darbus
Mark Bowmer as Coach Bolton
Maddie Lewis as Chad Danforth
Jack Bowen as Zeke Baylor
Lily Thomas as Taylor Mckessie
Grayson MacArthur as Jack Scott

Ensemble cast...

The Jocks
Chad H B
Owen G
Evelina C
Ruby H
Katie P
Lola O
Aurora P
Milly L
Chloe C
Lacey-May R

The Thespians
Callie-May T
Honey T
Niamh T
Henry L
Roxy D
Seren A
Seren H

The Brainiac’s
Katya F
Aliyah J
Chelsea S
Caitlyn W
Macy L
Eleesha C
Evie T

The Skater Dudes
Scarlett R
Grace H
Emmie-Louise B
Phoebe S 

The Adults
Darcey Trueman – Ms Tenny
Elif Evans-Browning – Moderator


Dawid D
Daisha D
Riley B
Eron M
Director: Brogan Murray
Musical Director: Sharalyn Jenkins
Technical Manager/Rehearsal Pianist: Ben Bryce


Musical Director: Sharalyn Jenkins 
Base: Sean McCarthy, Graham Batchelor
Brass: Joe Freeman, Teifion Owen
Keyboard 1: Mark Jones
Keyboard 2: Gareth Sanders-Swales
Saxophone: Gareth Sanders-Swales 
Drums: Dylan Sanders-Swales
Guitar 1: Joseph Freeman
Guitar 2: Luke Murray
Percussion: Ben Power

It’s been a pleasure to be part of this production- the cast are wonderful young people who have really committed themselves to the roles. We are definitely all in this together, now we’ve got our heads in the game and are ready to break free onto the school stage!

Miss JenkinsProducer

Performances of High School Musical: On Stage will run from Wednesday 22nd-Friday 24th March at 7:00pm
£7 adult 
£4 child

£20 family (2 adults, 2 children)
Tickets are available to purchase using this link – High School Musical Tickets

Get’cha Head in the Game and get ready to Break Free as you watch the Milford Haven School performance of High School Musical: On Stage. We are All In This Together as we Bop to the Top and see the magic unfold as MHS takes on HSM. 

Ms MorrisHeadteacher

Thank you to this year's show sponsors...

TY Hotel 
Evans Coaches 
Future Works 
Dr Carol Mackintosh
BR Music Pembrokeshire 
Torch Theatre 
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