Blog 19.6.20

This week all parents and carers were asked to respond to a survey to inform us whether you intend to send your children back to school from June 29th 2020. Thank you for all of your responses, as we have previously stated if you have chosen not to return your child to school at this time you will not be penalised as every family has a unique set of circumstances it faces and there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to the challenges we currently find ourselves navigating.

Please see below a link to my most recent letter for all parents & carers, which contains the most up to date details of our plans regarding the reopening of Milford Haven School.

Headteacher letter 19.6.20

Details on the plans to reopen MHS

Milford Haven School are proud to support our community in as many ways as possible, including developing strong literacy skills in our young people so reading can be utilised for both pleasure and learning. Reading is tied to everything we do, and good literacy skills help lay the foundation for a child’s success in school and later life.

‘Bags of Books’ is a new event designed and developed by Milford Haven Schools’ ‘Communications Officer’ (Miss G Baker), to create a simple opportunity for Milford Haven School to share additional reading material with our community and support literacy. On Tuesday June 16th there were over 50 clear bags tied to our front fencing (Steynton Road entrance), with each bag containing a brand new book for children of all ages. The community were invited to come and collect a FREE BOOK between 10am and 3pm on Tuesday 16.6.20. We asked everyone who attended to please follow social distancing guidance, and please only touch a book if you intended to take it- the bags were clear so you would be able to browse before making your selection. 

Your child did not have to be a pupil of Milford Haven School in order to access this event, anyone from the local area was welcome to come and take part making this a truly inclusive community event. 

Incredibly all of the resources found new homes in just under two hours! This overwhelmingly positive response has highlighted to us the need for schools to find more creative ways like ‘Bags of Books’ to support our communities with literacy resources, especially given the unique set of circumstances we face with regards to CVD19 and home learning. We very much hope to hold another ‘Bags of Books’ event in the future, Ms Morris (MHS Headteacher) would like to personally thank everyone that has taken part and also those that reached out to the school to offer kind words of support for the project going forward. 

Quote from Mrs J Turner, MHS Leader for Literacy, “MHS understands the importance of equipping our pupils with the strong literacy skills they require to truly fulfill their potential. Excellent reading skills form the bedrock on which our children are able learn and access the world around them. Together, with parents and careers, we nurture and guide our pupils to build these vital skills, while also developing a lifelong enjoyment of reading. ‘Bags of Books’ is just one of the ways in which we continue to support and champion literacy here at Milford Haven School.”      

Many of you will have seen our online announcement of a ‘Virtual Eisteddfod’ at MHS this year. The response so far has been incredibly positive, thank you all for getting involved and we look forward to sharing with you updates on the competitions. 

This week it was really tough for our Heads of House to pick Seren yr Wythnos, as so many of you are working incredibly hard! We are very lucky to have so much to celebrate here at MHS, with so many of our fantastic pupils going above and beyond to reach their potential even in these difficult circumstances.
Da iawn pawb.

⭐️ DIAMOND HOUSE- Samuel Wilson for excellent presentation and for trying hard to complete set tasks.

⭐️ DRAGON HOUSE- Lucas Rutherford from 07 RM DR for his superb work on Black Lives Matter for Humanities. A truly thought provoking and insightful assignment.

⭐️ DEFENDER HOUSE- Reggie Armstrong for a lovely and creative response to the humanities task this week.

⭐️ DARING HOUSE- Tahirah Ali for her compassion and care in standing up for people from all parts of our community, and expressing her ideas in a mature and determined manner.

We are working hard here at MHS to support social distancing as we prepare for the the safe return of pupils. Many areas have been clearly marked with 2m distancing, and toilets have been allocated to specific houses to limit the use of each cubicle.

These are just some of the things happening behind the scenes so we can safely welcome you back in the coming weeks.