“Happy Chinese New Year” or “xin nian kuai le”, to all those within our school family that celebrate this special event.

All of our MHS pupils continue to work their hardest, and we are so very proud of you all for the huge efforts being put in by all our families to continue your learning journeys at home. Since we returned from the Christmas break I has really enjoyed sending a personal well done to selected pupils who have gone above and beyond with their efforts this half term. Da iawn to all of our Homeschool Heroes 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♂️, keep up the great work!

Also, a big thanks to Mrs James who designed and made the Homeschool Hero postcards that have been sent out this half term. It was a very creative act of kindness, which has allowed us to further celebrate some of our young people. ❤️
Milford Community Action (MCA)- week 3 update
As many of you will hopefult already know, Milford Community Action (MCA) is a new and exciting project delivered jointly by Milford Haven School & Milford Youth Matters , with collaboration from a variety of local businesses/ groups. The initial funding has come from Gareth Edwards, Group Manager for Prevention and Early Intervention at Pembrokeshire County Council ; there is already widespread engagement across the cluster, sharing a selection of resources to support families in need.
This week we have given out:
*67 information packs, including local support services such as Parent Partnership and PAVS
*67 pancake baking kits for children- plus links to an online cooking demo
*57 pasta bake meal kits- everything needed to feed the family a hearty meal for less than a fiver
*10 slow cookers
*10 slow cooker cook books
*10 slow cooker meal packs
*42 sports activity packs for KS1 age children
A special thanks to Rominy from Chwaraeon Sir Benfro / Sport Pembrokeshire , for the generous donation of 42 physial activity packs. The contents of the packs are ideal to support phyical literacy in young people, encouraging learning and development through play.
We would again like to thank the MHS cleaning team and Mrs Gibbons (LSA) who between them put together over 130 care packages yesterday in less than an hour! Thanks also to the MHS Engagement Team, TAF, CFW and CFW+, and again Milford Haven Rotary Club for distributing all of the packs- without your support we couldn’t connect the project across the cluster int he way that we are. Another true Milford Haven team effort!
We look forward to sharing with you all what week 4 of the MCA project brings as we continue to do all we can to support our community through these challenging times. Diolch yn fawr
A huge thank you to Mrs Kedward, out Futures Leader for Numeracy at Milford Haven School, for supporting the MCA (Milford Community Action) project and generously donating a selection of games that support numeracy skills in young people, such as telling the time. This is an incredible and generous contribution to the MCA project, that will really enrich the home learning experience for the families involved with the project.
Mrs Kedward has said, ‘We are very excited to be supporting the numeracy skills of children of all ages within the cluster, and hope to provide more opportunities for numeracy to be developed within the homes, finding activities for families to engage in together. The games that have been chosen also support our 3 main key strategies that we are currently developing at MHS, keep an eye out on our social media and school app for further tips, advice and fun activities to do at home to help support the development of your child’s numeracy skills.’
Today we are excited to launch MyON, our BRAND NEW reading platform here at MHS!
We are very excited to be launching our investment in myON, a new digital platform which will allow our students unlimited access to thousands of enhanced digital books. This forms an integral part of our commitment to support home learning and improve literacy at Milford Haven School. MyON will help support and develop reading skills in our students especially in the present climate of Covid 19 and beyond as we all adjust to a new way of working and learning.
Pupils need to click on http://www.myon.co.uk/ to log on
Your child’s username is the first part of their school email address before the @ and their password is abc
For example RowlingJK45@milfordhavenschool.co.uk would be RowlingJK45
Find out more in the parents’ guide http://www.renlearn.co.uk/…/A-parent-guide-to-ReadOn…
Your child can also watch the tutorial video to find out more myON Tutorial – Launching myON from a student’s perspective. Happy reading.
Yesterday marked International Day of Women and Girls in Science, as part of this we have launched a NEW Google classroom for Women and Girls to join to share knowledge, information about careers, and for us to post competitions and events as they come to us. The Classroom has been made as a result of pupils’ voices allowing Girls the opportunity to ask questions, become inquisitive into careers and have a platform to have discussions over relevant topics.
Links for the classroom will be posted in the Science Classroom, although aimed at girls, anyone is welcome to join. Any further questions or information please email Mrs Hewitt Deputy Director for SCITech at MHS.
Young person’s mental health toolkit from HWB.
Below is a link to the young person’s mental health toolkit from HWB, designed for 11 to 25-year-olds. Here you will find six playlists to direct you to a wide range of online resources to help you through the lockdown and beyond. In each of the playlists you’ll find self-help websites, apps, helplines, and more that are here to support your mental health and well-being.
Please remember: if you’re finding it difficult to cope, make sure you speak to someone you trust. Who this might be is different for everyone, but it might include family members or carers, a teacher, a helpline, or a doctor. How you feel is important and lots of people are here to help if you need them.

All parents and carers in all year groups have been issued login codes for our school app WEDUC, this is one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with us and stay up to date with school life.
Please contact us if you need any support getting started with the app, or have any trouble logging in, so we can help you get connected.