A huge and warm welcome back to all staff, pupils and families within our MHS school community. We hope that you all had a safe and enjoyable Summer break, and we very much look forward to the fresh start that this new academic year brings. 

‘Chromebooks for All’ at Milford Haven School.
We are extremely proud to announce the launch of ‘Chromebooks for All’ here at Milford Haven School. At Milford Haven School we are committed to providing the best education possible for our pupils, and we are always striving to provide the highest level of support we are able to for our school community. This includes access to both resources and technology that will support learning and develop skills useful in employment and further education.
This week we have started the roll out of Chromebooks to our year 9, 10 and 11 pupils.  Mr Peters issued a letter via email to all parents of pupils in these year groups on Tuesday 7.9.21 explaining the process of distribution, then a further email was sent from Pay360 with an invitation code to register for a Chromebook.  So far we have been inundated with registrations and have been distributing non-stop every breaktime- it is fantastic to see so much additional technology directly benefitting our school community to support learning. 
If you haven’t yet signed up, please check your emails for the Pay360 invitation code. We will be starting to look at the next phase of issuing to Key Stage 3 after the end of next week, so please make sure you register before this.
Further information about the Chromebooks For All Scheme is available on our website https://www.milfordhavenschool.co.uk/chromebooks
Ms Morris, Headteacher, has said, ‘We feel proud and privileged to be in a position to loan chromebooks to every pupil at MHS, aiming to be “Educating Everyone, Everywhere”. We know that technology can be an expensive investment for families, and I believe strongly that our pupils should have fair and equal access to anything that we are able to offer which nurtures learning and progression.’
Careers Wales Mark for MHS.
Milford Haven School are proud to announce that we have been accredited with the Careers Wales Mark.
The Careers Wales Mark demonstrates the school’s ongoing commitment to providing an ever improving ‘Careers and World of Work’ programme to learners across the school.
The hard work, determination and adaptability of staff involved in the process has resulted in this accreditation, and we are extremely proud of all those who have contributed to this success
Julie-Ann Clifton, Careers & World of Work Coordinator, has said, “Congratulations to everyone at Milford Haven School, it has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to continuing our partnership work in the future.”
‘ABC’ – Anti-Bullying Champion
Milford Haven School have been further developing strategies to help combat bullying across the school community. The ‘ABC’ role has been created to help support pupils who may be at risk of or experiencing bullying, and as part of their role the ABC’s will identify incidents to be reported to staff to be dealt with.
The aim is to build up a team of young people across the school who are trained to have an awareness of bullying issues, and also the skills to help their peers overcome possible problems.
The Anti-Bullying Champion will:
  • Promote an anti-bullying environment
  • Drive the school’s anti-bullying process
  • Actively work within the school to make school a friendlier place
  • Report any bullying to members of staff if seen in school
  • Work alongside staff on how to best resolve bullying concerns
  • Be someone who a pupil can report bullying to on the internal report bullying button
  • Be known to all pupils so other pupils can approach them if they are a victim of bullying
  • Actively speak about the UNCRC – Rights of the Child
  • Be easily recognisable as an ABC to other pupils and staff
  • Ensure that pupils know what to do if they are being bullied or know someone else who is e.g. go to teacher, anti bullying champion, report bullying buttons
  • Be fully involved in Anti-bully week and anti-bullying activities across the school year
  • Meet regularly to review and improve the role of the ABC
  • Develop material for tips to stop bullying for pupils and parents
  • Encourage whole school ethos of ‘No Bystanders’ – expect all pupils to be more responsible for getting help immediately and not tolerate anyone filming incidents
Training will be given to the pupils who would like to become an ‘ABC’, ensuring that they are given ample guidance and support to be successful in their role. There will also be ‘Senior ABC’s’ identified who have already been through peer mentor support training, who will also be able to provide additional support to ABC’s.
If you think you would suit this new role and want to become an Anti-Bullying Champion at MHS, please fill in the Google form linked below by Wednesday 15th September 2021. Diolch yn fawr.
Please click the link below for full details of our term dates as well as the school calendar. 
Statutory Reform of Additional Learning Needs.
Following a number of important children and young people committee meetings, the Welsh Government came to the conclusion that the current Additional Learning Needs legislation was no longer fit for its intended purpose and undertook a series of reviews. As a result, it was decided to introduce new legislation to revise the way children and young people with Additional Learning Needs are supported.
As part of these changes, the six local authorities across South West Wales have been working together to develop more consistent approaches. Please find below links to Statutory Reform of Additional Learning Needs (ALN) that are taking place within Wales currently.
Factsheet – How the act will affect young people: https://gov.wales/…/aln-factsheet-how-will-the-act…
Video link, ‘Additional Learning Needs in Wales- What’s Happening?’:

Milford Haven School recognises the contribution it makes in partnership with other local agencies in safeguarding children. All staff, including volunteers, have a full and active part to play in protecting our pupils from harm and keeping them safe.

We believe that our school provides a caring, positive, safe and stimulating environment which promotes the social, physical and moral development of the individual child. Our emphasis is on prevention and early intervention to minimise any risk to our pupils.

Our designated teacher for Child Protection is Miss Reynolds and is  happy to discuss  any questions or concerns parents/carers may have about Child Protection or Safeguarding. You would also be able to report your concerns by emailing Milford Haven School via Safeguarding@milfordhavenschool.co.uk – this address is checked daily. 

If you should become worried or concerned about the welfare of a child and wish to report this, please contact Social Services. The telephone number for the Duty Officer is  01437 776444, or call the Contact Centre on 01437 764551. Social Services out of hours telephone number  0300 333 2222. If you think a child is in immediate danger please ring 999. 

A reminder that copies of all the letters we have issued this academic year can be found on the ‘Letters Home’ page of our school website. It is advisable to check this page on a regular basis to ensure that you stay up to date with school information. Link to ‘Letters Home’ website page: https://milfordhavenschool.co.uk/letters-home/
GCSE POD is a fantastic resource which Milford Haven School continues to promote amongst learners and their parents/carers.

GCSE POD holds a wealth of support for a range of subjects, with some content specific for KS3 as well as KS4. Learners are encouraged to use their MHS Google log-in to access the site and start exploring the site which could prove extremely beneficial for our KS4 learners.
Please look at the following parent site tour where you can see what is on offer: https://bit.ly/2P1hJKZ
Young person’s mental health toolkit from HWB.
Below is a link to the young person’s mental health toolkit from HWB, designed for 11 to 25-year-olds. Here you will find six playlists to direct you to a wide range of online resources to help you through the lockdown and beyond. In each of the playlists you’ll find self-help websites, apps, helplines, and more that are here to support your mental health and well-being.
Please remember: if you’re finding it difficult to cope, make sure you speak to someone you trust. Who this might be is different for everyone, but it might include family members or carers, a teacher, a helpline, or a doctor. How you feel is important and lots of people are here to help if you need them.

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