Uniform policy

School uniform is compulsory
for all pupils

School uniform is to put everyone on an equal footing. It needs to be low cost, comfortable, easy to wash, suitable for work and conform to health and safety rules and to create a sense of belonging to the school community. We don’t allow designer clothes, designer hairstyles such as tramlines, jewellery and make-up.

We also don’t believe children should be allowed to challenge us on such matters. Pupils are expected to wear black shoes and ensure that hairstyles and colours comply with our requirements – hair should be in a natural shade; please note that colours such as pink, bright red or purple are not permitted.

Our Uniform

Royal blue sweatshirt with badge*
Royal blue polo-shirt with logo*
Plain black skirt, straight or pleated, knee length


Plain black trousers, tailored
Plain white or dark socks


Plain black ribbed tights
Plain black shoes

Outdoor garment – Plain black, navy, royal blue. Optional royal blue fleece with logo*


The compulsory kit is as follows:

  • EITHER t-shirt or rugby shirt. We recommend the rugby shirt for boys as the t-shirt may not be robust enough for rugby lessons.
  • Bottoms – must be black shorts, skort or tracksuit bottoms/leggings, not necessarily those of the supplier. We advise that the quality from our suppliers will be better than some cheaper options.
  • Socks
  • The training top is not compulsory.

Ambition Sport

Ambition Sport is proud to be the official PE Kit supplier for Milford Haven School. Our online shop is designed to make your job as a parent/carer purchasing school PE kit as easy as possible. We work closely with the school to make sure that all of our clothing is of the highest quality and best possible value for you. Our online shop is always open so you can place your order for kit from the comfort of your own home at whatever me of day that suits you – 7 days a week.

Most sports items on the website have full dimensions listed with them so you shouldn’t need to try them on, but we do appreciate that with items you are purchasing for the first me you may well want to check the fit etc. To enable you to do this you can visit the school that have a full sample range of all the sizes available to try on. To make an appointment with the school to try the samples on please contact Mrs Nicola Edwards or Mr Lonergan to arrange a convenient time outside school hours.

To view the full range of MILFORD HAVEN School kit that we supply please visit ambitionsport.com and select MILFORD HAVEN SCHOOL on the SCHOOL SHOP LOCATOR. It is important to note that not all of the items available are compulsory items of kit; you will see this in the list given in your handbook from the school.

NB PE is compulsory by law. Pupils who forget their kit must wear kit provided by the school. All borrowed kit is washed Immediately after use. It is advisable, when playing hockey, football and rugby, that pupils should wear gum shields and shin pads, where appropriate.


Trousers – No flares, leggings, denim jeans, corduroys, cotton twills, track-suits, lycra, or stretch trousers, no draping over shoes.

Skirts – Must be reasonable length, no slits.

Shoes – Black, flat or sensible, broad heel – (high heels, and platform soles and sandals are unsafe in school). No logos.

Outdoor garments – No denim or leather jackets, or coats bearing slogans. No caps or hats. No non uniform cardigans, jumpers or tops.

Jewellery – Watch, one signet ring, one pair stud earrings only worn on the ear lobe. No earrings, studs on any other part of the ear, nose studs, eye brow rings, tongue studs, lip rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings. No facial or body piercing of any kind. No tattoos.

Hair – All long hair to be tied back in areas where health & safety is a priority. No stripes, braids or additions of any kind. No shaven heads, no tramlines, no words, pictures or logos cut into hair styles. Natural hair colourings only – no colours such as pink, red, purple or ‘badger’ colouring.

In General – The latest fashion fads and innovations should be avoided in school.

Clothing Grants

Parents / Guardians of pupils in year 7-11 who are in receipt of Income Support and Family Credit are eligible to receive an Essential School Uniform Grant, and are advised to contact the Education Office, County Hall, Haverfordwest (01437 764551).

Sixth Form

  • Black shoes
  • Black skirt or trousers
  • Black polo shirt with school logo*
  • Black v-neck jumper with school logo*
  • Black cardigan with school logo*

Uniform Suppliers

* items can only be bought at uniform suppliers:-

Granby’s, Charles Street, Milford Haven
West Coast, Charles Street, Milford Haven