Milford Haven School is proud to support our community. As the only secondary school serving the town we recognise the vital role we play in shaping and supporting the local community. Here at MHS we do not operate in a vacuum, our team works diligently and creatively to forge and protect a strong network of links across the town to ensure that our young people and their families can thrive.  

We do not perceive our school in isolation, but rather as an important part of a much larger community. It is our moral obligation to play an active role in engaging with and supporting our wider catchment area to best meet the needs of our  families, and also to produce as many  enriching opportunities as possible. 

This dedicated page on our school website aims to share information and pictures of some of our most recent community projects, as well as keeping you up to date with upcoming community events. 

Bags of Books

As part of the MCA (Milford Community Action) project, we recently held a special one off ‘Bags of Books’ event in partnership with Milford Youth Matters.

Reading is tied to everything we do, and good literacy skills help lay the foundation for a child’s success in school and later life. ‘Bags of Books’ is a unique event designed to create a simple opportunity to share additional reading material with our community and support literacy.

This ‘Bags of Books’ ran in the same format as our previous events. On Thursday March 25th there were over 300 clear bags tied to our front fencing (Steynton Road entrance), with each bag containing a brand new book for children of all ages. The community were invited to come and collect a FREE BOOK between 10.30am and 4.30pm on 25.3.21, and amazingly all books found new homes within a few hours. Diolch yn fawr to our community for their continued support. 

MCA Project 2021

In January 2020 Milford Haven School were asked by the LA to design a pilot project proposal, aimed at further supporting some of the most vulnerable families in the Milford Haven catchment area through what was perhaps the most challenging and difficult stage of the pandemic so far.

Resources shared included food packs, the provision of slow cookers, healthy cook books and live cookery sessions, educational activity packs for children, IT resources for pupils without access to digital devices, budgeting tools, and signposting to helpful organisations.

One of the unique aspects of this project is the widespread engagement across Milford Haven, with referrals being made by all schools and selected support services within the area, plus local businesses and groups pledging their support to the project enabling us to maximise our reach. Milford Haven Rotary Club were the first external local group to contribute to the project, committing to assisting with the weekly delivery of meal packs as well as  generously donating 30 slow cookers to be given to families in need.

The initial feedback we received from the project draft plan was that people immediately saw the value in what we were trying to achieve, and many local residents were keen to be more involved in their community and wanted to help but didn’t know how or where to start. By offering a platform for local people to become more involved in their own community we have increased the capacity for those in a position to help to get involved. Although the project has now ended, the networking that has taken place will no doubt leave a lasting impact and sustainable footprint for future joint working within the school community. 

Headteacher of Milford Haven School, Ms Ceri-Ann Morris, said: “We are immensely proud to support this project and utilise the school facilities to help our community. Schools are at the heart of every community, they are the common link that ties everyone in the community together. Everyone knows someone connected to the school, and the work of Miss Baker (Milford Haven School) together with Dayle Gibby (MYM) was the driving force in getting resources out to the people most in need within our catchment area.”


Cllr Guy Woodham, Cabinet Member for Education & Lifelong Learning, said: “Once again Milford Haven School and Milford Youth Matters are demonstrating the fantastic things that can be achieved when you work with others for the benefit of the local community. Gemma Baker and Dayle Gibby continue to find ways to seize opportunities as they arise and make great things happen in Milford – they are excellent ambassadors and role models for not just young people but everyone in our community.”


To date the MCA project has given out:

  • 45 slow cookers

  • 45 slow cooker cook books

  • 682  meal ingredient packs

  • 108 breakfast packs

  • 67 pancake baking kits- plus links to online cooking demonstrations

  • 42 KS1 and KS2 sports activity packs- provided by Sport Pembrokeshire

  • 675  information packs on local services such as MIND (mental health charity) and the support they offer locally, PPS, PAVS, CAB, AFC/ Young Carers, Routes to Opportunity & MYM etc.

  • 87 Feminine Hygiene Packs

  • 31 Male Hygiene Packs

  • 6 laptops and 4 tablets (including sim cards and dongles for internet access where required)

  • 43 numeracy games for KS1 and KS2 

  • 10 dart board with numeracy challenge packs

  • 12 Literacy games

  • Over 300 childrens books

  • 15 family games

  • 75 Magnetic meal planners- to support meal planning and budgeting within the home

  • 75 shopping list pads- again to support with budgeting and meal planning

  • 80 glass milk bottles for the local farm shop milk dispenser

  • 80 £5 vouchers to be used at the local farm shop on milk and fresh produce

  • 24 stationery packs

  • 23 spring cleaning packs

  • 20 reusable water bottles for school pupils

  • 30 uniform packs, including polo shirts/ school jumpers etc